Monday, 1 February 2010

Far too much yarn

Saturday was a very homey, try and wade through the piles of stuff and sort it out kind of day. I thought I'd sort out my yarn stash before I waded through the boring stuff. This ended up being a good and bad idea. Good because I got distracted and bad because I got distracted.

I seem to have a huge amount of yarn. It's in quite a few bags behind the patchy armchair; in quite a few bags in my big schoolcupboard and then it's in quite a few baskets and bags around the rest of the house too.

Some bags have things I've started in them and others just have lots of woolly goodness. So I hooked up some of this colourful bounty into a few squares I've been inspired to try for a while now since seeing Tif's white and colourful cushion.

I couldn't remember the pattern, so I ended up with small blobs of colour and two rows of cream. As I hate sewing up all the squares I went over to Lucy to remind me how to join as I went.

Then I got lost in the colourful world that is Yvestown and saw her creamy colour blanket, so I tried out her squares too.

Now from that overflowing stash I also made these wristwarmers as a part of a birthday gift for a friend. As I wasn't seeing her until Friday I couldn't show you these before. They were meant to be fingerless mittens, but I wanted to get rid of the thumb so I just got shot of that part of the pattern. It's from Louisa Harding's Knitting Little Luxuries and they're fun and quick to knit up if you fancy a go.

Jumbled up with all that knitty stuff were quite a few bits and pieces that had been started and never became anything. I made the blue crochet edging ages and ages ago to go around a cushion. I might see how it looks on my creamy blob cushion when that's done. Might be too much of a crochet explosion in one place, we'll see.

Oh - in case you're wondering - I gave up on the other piles of stuff, but I did make soup, buns for the Buns and their friends to decorate and cleaned out the hamster so I felt vindicated for my yarny distraction.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    What a busy bee you've been! Loving the things you've made, especially those lacy wristies, lucky friend! I fancy giving the Yvestown pattern a go too but I'm thinking maybe a black edging as I've just finished the cream-edged cushion.
    Love Hen x

  2. You have been busy! I love the white crochet squares, they look fab!


  3. Hello
    I like your blog very much!
    I shall come back to have a good read later if you dont mind.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely 'knitty' weekend!I've finished my squares,just have to make them into a cushion.


  5. Wow, you have had a busy weekend! I love the squares, what beautiful colours! I adore your crochet edging, that is on my list this year to learn, but I fear when I get the hang of it, there could be edging on everything! Have a lovely day! xxx

  6. you were busy really and have had abit of a sort which is better than none! - love the cream sqares and the wrist warmers

  7. I always get completely distracted when trying to have a "sort-out-piles-of-stuff" day, too. Unfortunately I don't manage to end up with beautiful crochet squares as you do, though!

    Love your blog,
    Jo xx

  8. There's nothing like a good distraction or bad maybe as it is a distraction!!

    Love your yarny goodness - I'd say a very productive weekend! !

    Nina xxxx

  9. A month ago I wouldn't have understood your post - however I've discovered knitting and am now looking at wool & needles in a new light.

    Crochet learning is planned for later this year too.

    It's all so addictive :)

  10. Ooooh those wristwarmers are fabulous! I don't have the crochet/knitting gene; life's not fair!

    The white squares are ever so pretty. Have a lovely, lovely week.

  11. Oh boy, I am the queen of starting 20 unrelateed tasks all at once and not quite getting round to the ironing in the meantime!

    Lovely cushion in the making Mrs.Bun, you are v,clever,

    Sarah x

  12. Oh lovely Lisa, I love the yvestown crochet, its on my to do list day! fliss xx

  13. Hello!

    Ahhh yes. Yarn stash. What can I say, I have an increasing little stash of my own that seems to be squirreled away in bags here and there - really must take a lead from your diligent self and make a point of sorting them out!
    I like what you've made though, scrumptious stuff to be sure!!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  14. All looks so pretty, colourful & fun, happy crafting, love Posie

  15. Thanks for dropping by, yes finally got to get going with the frestyle, next job to fit in a project from the book, but I think to start with I'm going to try some applique covered buttons...something to achieve with little time ! Loving the crochet, especially in white, and can't wait to see it finished.
    Steph :)

  16. Hi Lisa
    I love your crochet squares, and the gloves too, ive got yarn everywhere too and beginnings of projects stashed, last year I really tried to not start anything new before I had finished everything off but it didnt last long!
    thanks for your comment I think everything's settling down again here, it was just such a shock and right on christmas day i just felt deflated and rather glum!
    I was really lucky with my bunnies although he was £10 which is a lot for a cs but i didnt want to think about it and loose him!
    how is your new job? I hope its going well and you're enjoying it!
    fliss xx

  17. I'm far too scared to put all my yarn together and see how much there is. Much better to have it in little piles throughout the house. Loving all your wonderful crochet! Just gorgeous.

  18. Oh lucky lucky, I'm a lucky lucky friend! Me me me! They were made for meeeeee. Oh look at those lovely green wristies! Oh Oh Oh of course I don't need to look at the pictures - I'm wearing them! Oh lucky lucky meeeeee. t.xxxxxxxx

  19. Too much yarn? Aint no such animal. You've certainly made some pretty things. Love those wrist warmers.

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