Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Colour all around me

I was busy searching for mixed up colour inspiration this afternoon to inspire some more hooky flags.

A perfect bright and breezy day blue on a book cover. Add a few more shades of blue and a hint of green and it blows the grey day away.

The gentle green and pinks of my chipped, but loved Carltonware.

Then there are the colour jumbles. A small handpainted bowl.

A rainbow of ladybird spines.

The tomato red and green of Prince's saddle.

A flowery bouquet on an elderly vase.

And a C19th French fabric design. They all helped to mix up the colours a bit more.

Off I went to curl up with my yarn and hook and made a few more flags before the school bell went.


  1. What a wonderful colourful post,just what we need to cheer us on these grey days.I LOVE that vase!!!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. It's amazing where you find colour inspiration from, you can find it everywhere, I love colour.
    Your flags are lovely. xxx

  3. Still loving the flags - hoping there's some @ Woodbridge in April ;)

  4. Gosh what a cheerful riot of colour to cher up a dreary day. You've got some beautiful things Lisa, lovley treasures.
    Have a super weekend.


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