Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Batter on a Bright Day

Being Shrove Tuesday (the day of the pancake), I was asked to fill up this ...

... cut up some of these and

mix some of our eggs into a creamy pancake batter for a delicious breakfast.

To cheer up the cold, grey, snowy weather we've been having we added some colour to our day with these hot pink roses.

I also wondered how much longer I could keep propping up the leggy hyacinths.

Later on, after a much needed walk and run around a farm, the Buns were desperate to get sewing. Bit of discussion later and we settled on felt rabbits.

They each drew up their patterns, cut them out and pinned them to the felt.

After all the cutting, they started on the faces and then just as suddenly as we began they wanted to go and do something else. So one day soon, perhaps, these little rabbits will be sewn and stuffed and loved.


  1. I had to prop my hyacinths up too - good use for an odd knitting needle ;)

  2. My hyacinths look just the same,but they smell so gorgeous!!
    Bridie x

  3. Ditto the hyacinths!

    How lovely to be able to reach for your own fresh eggs to add to the batter, I bet it tasted delicious!


  4. Oh I bet those pancakes tasted delicious with those lovely eggs of yours.My hyacinths are hanging on in there too,will replace with some tulips soon and transfer them to the garden.
    Little bunnies are sweet,bet they enjoyed making them!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. We've had to postpone our pancakes (do you think that's bad luck??) with two out of the five of us away yesterday.

    Love the little felt rabbits - I guess it's all about Easter now?

    take care and have a fabulous day.

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Yummy pancakes...my two year old managed 4!!I don't know where she puts it all!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day. xxx

  8. Nothing like crafting and eating pancakes! I love hyacinths, but hate it when they flop.

  9. love the felt rabbits - look forward to seeing them finished

  10. i love the bunny template! Joshy has been asking if he can sew and saying he knows how to do it as he's seen me! xx

  11. I have had to tie up my hyacinths too, they are lovely but top heavy!

  12. I wish we had hens, how lovely it would be to go out into the garden and collect fresh eggs. :) xxx

  13. Snap too on the hyacinths! Who has anywhere cool enough to keep them sturdy thesedays?! I do love those tiny toadstools int he bowl, very sweet.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  14. Hi there, glad you had a nice pancake day! Look forward to catching up at the fairs this summer. I spotted a new fair in Ipswich and thought of you in case you were interested in a stall - www.imakefunstuff.co.uk
    It looks quite interesting.

  15. ....I am coveting that most delightful bowl that your lemons are nestling in!So sweet...

  16. some lovely pictures, you have been busy! and I love the hyacinths - I use ribbon wrapped round a chopstick for mine !
    thanks for your comment although i had to laugh about the "tidy" - if you look again its only the bed that i photographed as I wouldnt have the heart to turn the camera 180 degrees and photograph the masses of toys - now that wouldnt have made for a good picture LOL
    Lesley x


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