Sunday, 17 January 2010

January Joy

Hello at long last. The snow's finally gone and our internet connection has come back. Our garden gnome knows he's more than just a head once more. And me? Well I discovered that yes I can cope without blogging and reading my emails, but it's really not as much fun. So I feel all well and truly back once more too.

A general catch up is needed I think. Happy New Year first to you all. I'm banking on this being a really good year.

Now the fairy cakes above are to be shared around to celebrate my first year of blogging. This happened in my abscence on the 2nd January. I'm looking forward to another year and seeing where it will take me. Overall blogging to me has meant lovely people I've met and chatted to; thoughtful comments left and read with real appreciation; inspiration and entertainment from all the wonderful blogs I visit and a sense of focus for whatever on earth it is I'm really trying to do. Hope that all makes sense.

As the snow made a big impact on us all I thought I ought to pop a couple of white shots in before we get on with the real colour to warm us up. The hens were not happy at all with the situation. Their poor feet went a shocking shade of yellow. I think it was our version of cold blue feet.

Posh sledging called Tubing at a ski place party for the Buns. I drank hot chocolate and dreamt of the warmth of the fire at the bottom.

Before all of this stuff we had Christmas didn't we. So in my general catch up I want to show you what I made for the Bun's presents. They had a pencil roll each, with their names stamped onto linen and sewn on the outside. I didn't use a pattern so I was left with one extra slightly larger pocket at the end. This has actually turned out to be a design plus as secret things are now stored in here.

For Eldest Bun I crocheted Camilla the Horse (all madly done in the two days I had free after the Pick 'n' Mix Market, before school broke up and inbetween the two days I started my new job). That last week was very tiring to say the least.

Little Bun asked for an Owl to keep Snowy company on her bedstead, so I obliged. My first memory of making was aged six and turning an old floral cord baby dress of mine into an owl, stuffing it with my mums tights and gluing cake tins on for the eyes. Using this 70's memory I thought I'd make a similarly retro one, but without raiding Mr Kiplings cakes.

Then there is the make that is a gift, but not a christmas one. You might remember me cutting this out a fair while ago and then nothing. The absolutely freezing need for tons of blankets and me nailing blankets up at windows to keep out drafts (T's very helpful hint) drove me to quickly finish this for Eldest Bun. Perhaps that hurry can excuse the fact that I sewed the flaps the wrong way round. Ho hum. It still keeps her feet warm whichever way they face.

Then there was the day that school actually opened and I wasn't at work so I popped into the much missed charity shop and found this gorgeous turbanned lady and blue flower brooch.

Without blogging to distract me I curled up by the fire and knitted up these wristwarmers for Little Bun (still as yet to finish the flowery twists for the top).

Then I bought yet more wool (Rowan Felted Tweed) to knit up what was planned to be a jumper in the shop, but turned into becoming a tank top, by the time I got home so I don't have to do the sleeves too.

I also bought some divinely soft Louisa Harding Thistle to knit a short lacy scarf with.

I also made another Big Flower Brooch to bring a shot of sunshine into the wintry gloom and finally set to with a cardigan I've been meaning to make for Eldest Bun for ooohhhh ages now. Halfway there with that so I hope to show you one day soon. Just goes to show what I can actually get on with when I'm not distracted by visiting all of your lovely blogs. Will I finish it all now I'm allowed back again I wonder?


  1. wow you've been really busy, just think what I could do if I didn't have the internet!! The cakes look lovely, here's to another year......hope it's a good one :)

  2. Welcome back!You've had a very creative start to the year.Love those pencil rolls,and all the other 'makes'.Hope all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled this year.


  3. What lovely pencil rolls. You did so well in making so many lovely presents. Here's to a great 2010.

  4. what a lovely bright colourful post!

  5. Lovely to see you back x
    Hope the new job is going well, I agree that without the internet my days are used a lot more productively..but not as much fun!

  6. I love that Louisa Harding thistle wool, not heard of her though. I usually buy Rowan. Can't imagine life without the internet. Dev x

  7. Welcome back Mrs B, and happy bloggiversary!
    I often wonder how much more creativity would be accomplished without blogs and blogging to distract me too x

  8. Lovely pics of your 'doings' and that turbanned lady was a real find... why do I never 'find' anything? My 100th post is about to come up, and I shall be having a GRAND KNITTING THEMED GIVEAWAY with yarn, books, needles, made things.... whatever takes my fancy. I hope as many as possible will join in....

  9. Helloooooo Mrs B it's so lovely to hear your voice again.

    I love all the Christmas makes and 'Happy - belated' one years old.

    How fortunate to be able to have a snow party - that air filled sledgeing is great fun!

    take care and have a wonderful week,

    Nina x

  10. Welcome back Lisa I've missed your posts! I love the presents and your knitting, really nice colours.

    I'm so sorry it seems Im always copying you! I have a few cushions dotted here and there I made from Donna Flower fabric, and also Ive got a pattern to make joshy a crayon roll but I've not got round to it yet!, also Im halfway through crocheting him a monkey! boys! Fliss xx

  11. What wonderful things you have been making. Lots of lovely colour too.

    Glad you are back to blogging and happy bloggy birthday!

    Love your finds too!


  12. Welcome back - I know what you mean about the distracting world of blogging though! Some great makes, amazing what you can achieve when you get going isn't it?! Yummy cakes...

  13. You have been busy - the pencil rolls look really good.

    Thought of you yesterday as we walked along the prom @ Southwold ;)

  14. Good evening Mrs Bun and welcome back. Love your stuff - the pencil rolls are gorgeous and the little owl is just adorable, I love the idea of using a previously loved outfit.

    We're all snuggling up to our hotties (with homemade covers), completely converted over this freezing cold Winter!

    Kate x

  15. glad to see you back - can't believe how busy and productive you have been

  16. Welcome back, you certainly have been busy. All of the knitting projects look interesting. You've inspired me to visit the wool shop in Saxmundham, I think the tank top is a nice idea, can't wait to get there now.

  17. My oh my, you have managed to get an awful lot done!
    Hello, and Happy New Year to you and Buns. I don't want you to think me fickle but where exactly did you say the fairy cakes are......

    Sarah x

  18. Gosh , you have been busy! I am very impressed, and slightly ashamed because I have been rather in the creative doldrums recently. Hsppy bloggy birthday, heres to another year as successful as your last! love Penny (Planet Penny)

  19. KiaOra lovely to see you back. I'm just in the process of writing my first proper New Year post as the holidays are now truly over...
    Happy 1st Birthday, x

  20. Have an award for you at bellascountry!

    Bellaboo x


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