Monday, 25 January 2010

Comforting Stuff

When we got back home on Saturday there was a package nestled up by the door waiting for me. I'd been told by my lovely Jo that it was coming from Oz to Cornwall and then on to me at the end of January. Best way to avoid having presents ripped apart by customs when they've been beautifully wrapped. Christmas and birthday all wrapped into one and a book for the Buns too.

Wrapped in fabric was this exciting colourful bundle. I've felt itchy to get making with these all weekend. Problem is my head hasn't settled on what as yet, but I think it will have to be something quilty. Maybe a family snuggle one for downstairs so we can think of our wonderful people who live underneath us.

There were other wonderful gifts too, but I thought I'd share with you this WI cookbook. I love the design on the front cover and as funny as some of the recipes are I think I'll be having a go as they are no fuss straight to it recipes.

I've been lucky with my glass collection of late too. The green dish with the fabric in was popped into my boxes as I left Pick 'n' Mix by Teena and then as part of my birthday gifts she gave me this green vase. It was filled with Green & Blacks choc, but they've all gone now and so the Buns have filled it for now with felt tips.

After browsing Alicia's blog on Friday I fell in love with a scarf she had made. Luckily she gives a link to it, so I've copied down the pattern and hope I'll finish it sometime soon. I've wanted a thinner more bendy scarf for a while now and as this is in 4ply it's perfect for the job. I'm using Debbie Bliss Rialto which is so soft and great to work with.

Before I started the scarf I set to on this sparkly bag on Friday night. The green Rowan tweed I was using for my tank top just wasn't doing it for me. I hated knitting with it, so guessed I'd hate wearing it even more. I took all the wool back to Gilly's shop and changed it for a silvery grey Louisa Harding tweed (which is what it was meant to be knitted in in the first place). I bought the wool below while I was there to make some wristwarmers and somehow they've ended up growing into a lacy drawstring bag.

I'm really enjoying making this as it uses quite a few lace patterns. Nearly finished now and ready to be threaded with a black and cream ribbon, perhaps a few bone buttons, flowers perhaps and then lined. Somewhere for the few decent bits of underwear I actually posess I think. When it's nice stuff isn't it meant to be called lingerie and underwear for the everyday?

Now for the really comforting. I've made some Leek, Barley and Chickpea soup and it's bubbling away now ready for my lunch. Brownies and Lemon Drizzle to be made next for teatime. I find working for someone else two days a week and my midweek crochet group gets rid of any guilt I used to have when I faffed around doing comforting pleasurable stuff. I just need to find the balance to get more Bobo Bun designs made from my head to the reality.

Now I'm off to soup munch and find some suitable poems for a creative writing course for tomorrow.


  1. The bag is so pretty... if you care to share the pattern? And I'll bet the soup was warming and filling too.

  2. Love the shape of that glass vase,and the bag and the 'soon to be scarf' are lovely too.You're starting off the year very creatively.Afraid I can't get into my knitting at the mo.


  3. Mmmmm..... soup I could do with a bowl or two of that right not - pasta for tea though, but followed by caramel slices so not all bad!

    The fabric bundle looks great and vintage prints??

    take care,

    Nina xxxx

  4. The soup sounds wonderful, and your fabric bundle is so colourful.

  5. Your soup looks mouthwatering and I love your pink tea pot with chrome cover. The fabric is very pretty, I especially like the pink flowery piece at the back.
    Ann x

  6. The fabric would lovely as a quilt.

    I made soup today too - chicken, leek & brocoli - this weather calls for lots of soup making.

  7. I love the WI cookery book, the design on the front is wonderful, you will have to let us in on what they ate in Northumberland at the time that book was printed! Gorgeous bag too!

    Kate x

  8. Goodness busy day!! Pretty scarf & lovely fabrics. My parcels go to our local PO as our letter box fills with hungry snails who actually eat our mail, no kidding, worse when it rains. Anyway, my PO friendly family get so excited when i have parcels, they're so happy for me. Sweet!! It's Australia Day today, so sending you sunshine & lamingtons. Love Posie

  9. What a lovely thing to find on your doorstep. I bet you have lots of ideas for using something so cheery at this dreary time of year!


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