Saturday, 23 January 2010


One Little Bun delivered to a party this afternoon and three left to wonder what to do with their day while we waited for her. It was pretty freezing so we headed off to the Castle Museum to see old favourites and things new.

The natural history collection has been updated and displayed in new cases rather than the large room of stuffed animals it once was. New sights caught my eye today.

I loved the collection of eggs. There they float, dreamlike, on invisible threads.

At the bottom eggs are nestled safely in collectors boxes and tins. Stolen from nests many years ago now.

Eldest Bun and I were fascinated by the shapes and sheer shininess of these shells.

This display was really interesting. I was drawn to the small newspaper triangles carefully folded to hold each butterfly collected in empty cigar boxes. Above was a photo spanning roughly 60 decades of the collectors life. A young Edwardian vicars daughter who travelled widely and left her collection and journal to the museum. The butterflies didn't interest me, but the life behind them and her history did.

This collection hit me for it's absolute colourful, carnival fun. It has posters and some of the animals from the travelling zoos of the early 1800's. Apparently it all started from a python bought in a pub.

Then we went for a ride on a Saxon chariot before having cake and drinks and collecting one Little Bun.


  1. Looks like a good day, I hate the stuffed animals in museums :(

  2. Gosh what a gorgeous post! Those eggs look amazing, your photos are great, I did enjoy this very much! Thanks for taking me,

    Sarah x

    Love the header too, by the way x

  3. Gosh, so much to look at, lovely blog. Greetings from Australia, how do you do?? Sending you some sunshine, love Posie

  4. I love the way they've done the displays, especially the eggs hanging like that. Really like the fun of the carnival too with those vibrant colours. Not the usual fusty museum-type stuff.


  5. Wow those eggs look like some kind of art installation. They're absolutely beautiful. I love the way you just slipped in 'we went for a ride on a saxon chariot before having cake'. That doesn't happen every day!

  6. I was at the castle too on Saturday enjoying a curator talk in the textile display and free cake in the benefactors room! If I'd known you were there I'd have smuggled you in! Good cake!! How did I miss you?!! t.xx

  7. What a lovely day! Those shells are beautiful.



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