Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Party Boy & The Stable

George, who came back with us from the Pick 'n' Mix, has finally had his christmas crown made. He feels very seasonal and would like to wish you all a magical christmas eve.

Now the main reason I'm on here when there's chocs to be eaten and presents to wrap is because little Bun asked me to. I walked in on her game and in the way that you do I took some pictures. This then led to the please put them on your blog mummy conversation. So here are a few folk you might be familiar with at this time of year.

I think the Shepherds are my favourites, with their well fed sheep.

Have a magical day. This is definately our favourite. Anticipation and Excitement all bubbling up. Spicy Butternut Squash Soup and Pear and Mincemeat Tart for tonight while we wonder if Santa is on his way. Nightlights lit in jam jars to show him the landing pad and carrots cut for reindeers.

Wonder what time we'll be woken up this year with whispers of He's been, he's been.

Merry Christmas one and all.


  1. What a lovely post !!, you to and all of the buns , Merry Christmas! xxemmiexx

  2. I can feel the excitement in the Bun household.Hope Santa makes all your wishes come true!
    Have a lovely time...and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  3. Happy christmas to you and your lovely family, Lisa. I just love that nativity scene, definitely the best I've ever seen and almost brought a tear to my eye (golly, I'm getting very emotional these days!)
    Hen xxx

  4. That Nativity is very sweet.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the Bun family.

    Vicki xxxxx

  5. That has to be the most original nativity I have ever seen.. charming!
    Wishing you all a very warm, festive & jolly Christmas.

    Michele x

    P.s The Boiler man came to the rescue.. nice and toasty now!

  6. So sweet. The excitement levels are certainly reaching their crescendo here!

    Merry Christmas

  7. ...and to you too Mrs Bun.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful relaxing time.

    Nina and crew xxxxxxx

    ps. I've had way too many mulled wines and I feel good!!

  8. Hi, Love the Nativity scene. Reminds me of a Christmas with 'Holy Twins' when both Mary and the scene shifters produced a baby...she never did trust them so kept one shoved up her robe:)
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Lesley XX

  9. hope you have a very merry christmas!
    fliss xx

  10. To dear Mrs Bun and the entire Bun househols (including hairy shepherds). Have a wonderful time iver the comins days. See you in 2010! Emma and the pebbles xxxx

  11. Oh dear, a few typos there - you know what I mean! EMma xxxx

  12. Love that little boy doll. Merry Christmas

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