Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh we do like to be beside the Sea

Cobwebs needed to be blown away today. We've eaten and eaten, played games, opened our gifts, cosied by the fire and had a lovely family time. Now the snow has finally gone, blue skies and warmer weather beckoned us outside to the sea. At New Year we always head to Southwold (just got there a few days early this year).

The Bun's climbed onto the guns as usual.

Then I suggested hot chocolate and marshmallows, so we rushed off to the pier to sit in the sun.

We played in the surreal amusements for a while - riding on the submarine and having our fortunes read, before heading to the sand for stone collecting and a dance or two.

Now I find myself here cosy by the fire once more on the eve of my 41st birthday; New Years Eve is fast approaching and on the 2nd January it will be the year anniversary of my blog. A whole year of so many memories, makes and lovely people.


  1. I love Southwold,such a lovely old fashioned,genteel sort of seaside-y place. I remember a lovely walk we did from there to Walberswick.My sister's birthday is also tomorrow.Hope you have a lovely day.


  2. Oh I love Southwold - one of my favourite places to visit. Might even talk the boys & MrVV into a walk there tomorrow.

    Hope you have a great birthday.

    Vicki xxx

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Mrs Bun!

    Hope you had a super day, what a treat goign to Southwold. My folks love it there.

    Lookign forward to another year of deliciously vintage posts from you next year.
    All best wishes


  4. oh i do love southwold, what a lovely sunny day it was for you xxx

  5. Southwold lover here as well.... Happy Birthday to you and the blog!

  6. 'Happy Birthday' Mrs B - have a super fab day with lots of indulgence.

    All our love,

    the Tabiboo's

    ps. 'oh' to be beside the sea!!

    Great family days out - hurrah!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you. Lovely cheery photos and yes, I too love Southwold!

    Kate x

  8. Oh I love Southwold too!!We had a holiday there bout two years ago and we had a lovely beachhut called Kingfisher, we just sat and watched the waves!! Happy Birthday!
    Love Helen x

  9. A very happy Bun New Year to you and the whole Bun Shop! Love your New Year Southwold tradition - funny I was thinking of popping over there tomorrow!

  10. What an enchanting blog. It's so English. Your crafts look interesting too, just my cup of tea. I do hope I can find you again. (I think we share a birthday). Here in Melbourne Australia we're alternately baking in 38c heat or splashing through steamy puddles. So different from your side of the world. So sorry about your little rabbits - heartbreaking. We have rats too (live in old farmhouse) but foxes are our biggest problem. Cheers :-)

  11. Oops, Sorry, hope you had a happy birthday.

  12. Happy New Year to you and I hope you had a wonderful birthday , my 41st is fast approaching too. Southwold looks beautiful, I have never visited but would love to one day.
    Ann x

  13. That looks like something I need to do with the bunnies here - everyone needs some fresh air, including me!

  14. Oh Mrs B!..I missed your birthday :0(
    I hope it was a lovely one xxxxx
    Southwold really looks a nice place but I hope mr.Bun managed to get his head out of the gun spout.. he looks a bit stuck there in that photo!
    Thankyou for a whole year (and two days)of blog loveliness x

  15. Hope you had a great Birthday and glad the Fair was a huge success, what an achievement, well worth all the hard work. Happy MMX.

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