Thursday, 10 December 2009

Do you Peep?

A few short hours of sleep is all I'm existing on at the moment to try and juggle making selling stuff, present stuff, tick jobs off on the long long list of things to do and remember for Saturday and in the middle of all this I chose this week to change my car. So a failed MOT and then work on the old one and all the paperwork to sort for the new one. Hope we can fit everything in it for Saturday as I've swapped a big beast for a small one. There probably could have been better timing?

The Playmobil advent is fast becoming one of the favourites after the card ones. The snowy scene is gradually building up with a few additions from me. Well you need a cosy cottage in the wood and toadstools - they're de rigeur in playmobil land.

We're in the press again. I promise you this is the last - for a while at least. We were thrilled with this double page spread as it really promotes the market, us, the changing face of the craft fair and how blogging has become a networking essential for many of us crafty types.

Sighs of relief are hard to miss around here as they know they'll have the table back very soon. No more meals on trays and the glitter and pens can come out at last.

Amongst the chaos of trying to find things, I finally sorted an organised space today. I could actually see what I was trying to make.

The basket of new stock is slowly filling up - only a handful of mistletoe kisses to finish now. I've hired Coco Before Chanel from the library to watch while I put those last few stitches in tonight.

I'm so thrilled with how the trinket and buttony bags have turned out. I've been having lots more stitchy ideas as I worked on these, but they'll have to be tried out another day.

Now going back a day or two. Spot the roadsign for Pick 'n' Mix just outside of Cley. I think this lady looks interested, don't you? Hope she comes along.

We'll be setting up the hall tomorrow night and seeing just how funny our handmade decorations look. They were made pretty quickly out of crepe paper and I'm not sure they're up to a drive with a mad dog in the car. We'll have fun whatever happens. Looking forward to seeing our plans become a reality and meeting all the lovely makers.


  1. Good luck Mrs B and I hope all goes smoothly.

    Wish I lived nearer as it looks like it's going to be enourmous fun.

    take care and get a little shut eye - at some point!

    Nina x

  2. Everything looks as if it is coming along brilliantly. Congratulations with all the brilliant advertising. Have fun.

  3. You button and trinket bags are lovely! Have a great time!

  4. that lady looks very suspicious - do you think she might have a lump hammer hiding under her coat?..... I can't wait to see if any of the signs are still there on Saturday! t.x

  5. Hi Mrs B, I love the crochet misletoe, but live too far away to come to the fair - is it pretty please possible to purchase one?

  6. Best of luck for the weekend... and that basket of goodies looks so inviting, I wanted to thrust my hand in and grab a few treats!

  7. Now who IS that lady I wonder? I expect I will find out tomorrow.

    I have printed my pricey labels, I have fired my silvery birds and picked up my float. I still have some enamelling to do but I'm getting there.

    Your treasures look so beautiful! I need some blinkers. I.MUST.NOT.LOOK, or I will buy buy buy.

  8. All the best for tomorrow, hope its a roaring success. Thanks so much for my beautiful mistletoe brooch. It arrived on Monday and looks fantastic on my work coat. I love it! Huge apologies for taking so long to let you know but I've hardly stopeed to turn around this week!

    Have fun in your new car.
    Love Stephx

  9. I have been thinking of you all week and I just know it's going to be a fab day for you tomorrow! Big love to you and let me know how it goes, hangers look amazing by the way wanted to buy them all back!!!! xx

  10. Good luck for tomorrow Lisa, hope you sell loads :-)

  11. Hope you have a good weekend - the things you have made look lovely!

    Pomona x

  12. You look amazingly busy! I hope you manage to get another snooze in the midst of the mayhem - well done on the article, thats brilliant!!

    Julia xxx


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