Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All Sorts

Well it's another week and it's the 1st of December at long last. I got woken in the wee hours by Little Bun crawling into bed for a cuddle and then Eldest Bun whispering to me a few hours later if she could go and open the advent calendars. I love their absolute excitement for each of the small details of advent, all so much better than the day itself when you know it's nearly all over. They had a card advent calendar each, our wooden box one which has come out each year since they were two and three and new this year (for me really I think) a Santa Playmobil one. Well the elves had left small reindeers in the boxes today, other days will be notes, drawings or chocolate all treasured by them as they contain magic.

So much has happened in the last few days that has made us feel as if christmas is on it's way. On Friday evening we went to the market towns Victorian lights switch on. It was a wonderful evening. In previous years we have moaned as for some reason they had a mardi gras style drum band with women in bikinis gyrating away. We would rush to the church for some traditional christmas music and atmosphere. This year they pulled out all the stops and there were Mollymen (who we had great fun dancing with); the Salvation Army Band and Carol Singers. We visited Santa in the church and then popped down to the crypt for warm mince pies and a drink.

After a lovely evening we got the Bun's home to bed, lit the fire and I set to icing the cake and buns for the school christmas fair the next morning.

It was our first event at the school as the Buns only started there in April, we had a great time. Secret Santa presents were bought, we saw Santa again (he really gets about) and in the tombola we won a bottle of fizz and red wine. Well I never that went down well in the evening. Well just the one honestly.

Now on Sunday I was all set to go to Little Vintage Lover and set up shop. I had made all sorts of lovelies to sell and then my back struck me a blow and I was in agony. It's been off and on like this for weeks now since I had flu. At least I'm not walking all hunched up anymore as that looked odd and was really painful. As it was a two hour drive I knew I would be in too much pain so I called Zoe and had to miss out on all the fun. Teena filled me in the next day over cake.

Before I met up for cake, I had an interview for a fabulous job. Two days a week teaching vunerable adults which would leave me three days for Bobo Bun and being a mummy. Basically meaning I could do all the things I love in a whole week. It was my first interview in eleven years and I actually got the job. Much whooping and hugging went on around here I can tell you. So as of January I will be handing over the tugging on of tights and hairstyling to Mr Bun for two days a week.

Now I have a few extra bits and bobs that won't all find room on my Pick 'n' Mix stall, so I've put them on the shelves of my workshop. If a mistletoe kiss brooch is just the missing ingredient to add to your festive cheer then pop on over as I've added these to the shelves.

There are also a couple of stockings. Let it Snow and a Christmas Pudding for Santa to pop a few gifts into.

BBC Homes & Antiques is out tomorrow and there's a feature I've been looking forward to seeing in there. They've also mentioned Pick 'n' Mix which is great. Then on Friday we have a feature in our local paper the EDP and lastly in the Evening News version on Tuesday 8th. It's all go here.

Two days of sewing and then on Thursday Teena and I will be racing over the North Norfolk countryside with a hammer and some posters. Beep if you see us.

Have a great week won't you if I don't manage to get back and say hello before then.


  1. Congratulations on your job, Lisa, that's great news. Sorry to hear your back was bad and you missed your fair. Hopefully you'll be recovered for your pick 'n' mix market.
    Hen x

  2. Hiya Mrs Bun 'congratulations!!' You're going to do an amazing job though 'ouch' about the back - that's not good.

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. SNAP! I woke on Saturday with a back so painful I could hardly move, so missed out on the BURNHAM MARKET fair as well. Today is the first easy day with the back... hope yours is better too x

  4. Congratulations!!
    I missed the switch on you were at due to other plans...I live very close to that town xxx

  5. Congratulations! Hope your back starts to feel better soon.

  6. there is nothing worse than a bad back..ooouch it makes you feel sick doenst it
    just want to say i love reading your blog its just so vintagey feeling.. if that makes sense!!

  7. What a time to have a bad back!
    Sorry you had to miss out.


  8. Congratulations!!!!
    Blimey Charlie...your market town must be either radioactive or caught in a very warm gulf stream, bikini clad dancers in December...impressive, x

  9. I also had a bad back but mine was because I had been lifting up my 2yr old granddaughter.It happens every time but who can resist those outstretched arms wanting a cuddle.I certainly can't and it's worth all the pain.

  10. Well done Lisa! that's brilliant news..(not the bad bad of course and missing your fair,that's a bit pants)
    Roll on January for you xxxx
    love that mistletoe brooch by the way. LOVE IT x

  11. oops I meant 'bad back' not 'bad bad!' what a numpty.

  12. What a great site! It sounds like you need to look afterself though.
    Take care.
    Louise x

  13. congratulations on your job, it sounds like a perfect role, and so sorry about your back my back pings every now and then after pulling it in January, its so painful! hopefully you'll be able to sit with your feet up, a fire and some crochet, oh that sounds good! fliss xx


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