Friday, 13 November 2009

Where was I?

It's only been a short break really, but I feel as if I've not been here for an age. Life has become so hectic of late that I've been left at the end of each day realising I never had time to reach for my camera in that small moment when the sun actually did shine.

On the run up to christmas now and I have a fair every fortnight. This is something I love and hate each year. I always want to be making presents for my family, but need to make more for my stall as it never ever looks enough in my mind.

This weekend I'll be at The Costumes & Textile Associations 2nd Vintage Fair in Blackfriars Hall in Norwich (10-4pm). So if any of you are near by pop along and say hello. It promises to be a great fair. I'll catch up with some friends who are also selling on the day and I plan to try and knit the other wristwarmer for Eldest Bun in between. Bet it doesn't happen, but I like planning the impossible.

The other news I have. Well as I've never been in the press or a magazine before I am very excited at this feature in Sew Hip. I'm so thrilled at how lovely our poster looks in print too. Little Bun took it in to show and tell yesterday. I doubt the other kids were as excited.

Teena and I have also posed for two different photographers now in various smiley scenes. We have features appearing in two local papers and the county magazine to promote Pick 'n' Mix. Even Alfie Blue got in on a few of the shots, but looked so mad and jumpy I doubt they'll use those.

Right o then - back to the grindstone. Stock needs labelling, float needs getting and then off to visit my dad who has just come out of hospital.


  1. i was really excited for you too when I read the feature! I was thinking your little robin on the pix and mix poster would make great felt or vintage fabrics christmas decorations? he would look lovely on any tree! fliss xx

  2. 'Oh' I wish I loved closer!

    Everything seems to be coming along really quickly now.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  3. Well done on the article nad Christmas is certainly on its way

  4. I think I've mentioned it before, possibly, but I do love your blog! It's one of my favorites! Congrats on all your projects!

  5. Good luck with the fairs. I am missing them at the moment but am still out and about collecting! Hope they go well for you especially the one you are organising. Look forward to hearing about it soon.

  6. Gosh good for you, sounds like a full on schedule, your poster does look great I love Mr.Robin,

    Sarah x

  7. Great news with the Sew Hip article.

  8. lovely to see you today ! what a great Fair! xxx see you soon Emmie xxx

  9. Oh that's sooo cool that you were in the magazine. I really really wish I could visit. I feel like I'm missing out boo hoo.
    I hope you're back on form after feeling ill.
    look forward to seeing you at Vintage Lover's Fair xx Claire
    Butterflies & Hurricanes

  10. ...emerges from hot fiery furnace of kitchen where silvery birds and flowers are being made.....Ooh ooh oooh, can't wait! ...disappears in puff of swarovski crystals.


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