Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Thrifty Gifts to Inspire

Over the last week I was given a few lovely thrifty gifts. My Pick 'n' Mix partner in crime passed these lovely blankets on to me thinking the Bun's would like them.

Well they do and so do I. In fact I thought we should all share this colourful and cheery little one so I popped it on the back of the armchair to cover up torn patches that need mending. Now they can wait for another day as I can't see them.

At my Wednesday crochet group I was given a bag of colourful cotton threads. There are a few more than these too, all in lovely shades perfect for making jewellry or embroidering on wool. I'm really enjoying these evenings. I love being back teaching again as it's wonderful seeing someone start with little knowledge or experience of something and then just grow. Within two weeks everyone was hooked and said how soothing crochet is. Cake and chat does help make it a great evening.

Then on Friday my friend Emmie popped over and brought a pillow case full of wooden hangers and joy of joys some are already padded, so all I've got to do is cover them and jazz them up a bit.

As usual I'm cutting it fine again on the making front so I'm busy trying to get things made. If I don't I think I'll have the barest stall known at the weekend in Burnham. I've cut up more embroidered linens to make into button and trinket bags as these have all gone. I'm also crocheting a few more brooches and hopefully padding those hangers. I'll show you some of my makes when I finally finish it all. It's a juggle at the moment between school dates for christmas, days needed for working, applying for part-time work and our Makers Market. I refuse to get het up though as it all gets done in the end somehow.

On Sunday afternoon I finally got myself focused on work. Full up after lunch at Pizza Express, courtesy of Tesco vouchers, the Buns ran upstairs to play so we cosied in front of the fire. No interrupted conversations, half an hour to sew and just be together Mr Bun and I. Our Buns are growing up and need us a bit less now. Happy and sad about that one.

Here's one of my makes I have started on. Each one I think "ohhh I like those colours, I want to keep it." It's a hard one this as I only make what I like, I've never made for the buyer whose taste might be different to mine as I want to enjoy what I'm doing. This gives me a big problem though as I then find it hard parting with everything.

Now these fingers had better stop tip tapping here and get sewing again.


  1. Love your embroidery... will get over to B. Market this weekend hopefully. Good luck with it anyway, hope it's a big success.

  2. 'Oh' you are wonderful Mrs B, such beautiful needlework. I love, love, the colours you choose...

    ...and great thrifty goodies I love your crochet blankets - a wonderful partner in crime you have there!

    Happy stitching,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxx

  3. What nice gifts you received, you are so lucky. Hope all goes well for the fair.

    Jo xx

  4. What a lovely selection of gooodies. Enjoy the market and stay calm!

  5. Gorgeous needlework and such lovely colours, the armchair looks lovely and comfy!

  6. What lovely needlework. I'm desperate to start crocheting. I've only managed a foundation chain so far. I think I need to join a group!

  7. OOh, your fire looks so cozy! Love your embroidery!What a treat the blankets are too!
    Rachel x

  8. As I think I have mentioned before I am planning on sneaking in with little Bun! She and I will have no end of fun snuggling under crochet blankets and discussing the fairies at the end of the garden!

    Wow, how lovely your partner is to part with such gorgeous blankets, I would have snaffled them home with me!

    Your embroidery looks fab, I am the same I make things and then love them so much cant bear to part! They are generally not very good so no one wants them except me! Tee Hee,

    Sarah x

  9. mmm those blankets remind me of sweeties!


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