Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Needy Boy

Pugs are very needy dogs indeed. They love deeply and badly need that love returned in bucketfuls. Thank goodness Mr Bun and Molly adore Alfie and all let him share a cuddle. Molly even washes him. Me - well I love him from a distance and a pat on the head. I love him, but I hate doggy smells, having my clothes covered in fur and being licked when I know full well what he snuffles in on his walks. Yuk.

Don't get fooled by the mournful look on his face either. He gets the cream around here and he knows it.

Oh and thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. Now I know you're all trying to avoid the nasty jobs just like me.


  1. I am a cat person but do find pugs sweet. My Aunt Suzy had a cream coloured pug. He was very affectionate.
    They do have such sad looking little faces, you instantly think awwhh...

    Like you, I cannot stand doggy smell especially when they are wet! The fur aspect is a bit annoying but with 2 cats here it's something that I have to accept. It does mean a bit more work, but they are worth it! I wouldn't be without my cats.

    Isabelle x

  2. Hey Your house looks just like mine in your previous post. I'd rather be doing something else thsn the things that need to be done.

    Jo xx

  3. I know exactly where you are coming from, Lisa. I'm more of a cat girl but even they drive me nuts at times, though I wouldn't be without them. I do like dogs, and your Alfie is a lovely boy, and we borrow our neighbour's Collie when we're at the cottage whom I lurrrve very much. We debate whether we'd have a dog if/when we move to the country as they seem pretty much essential items out there (!) but I do detest the mess, the hairs, the licking, however much love is behind it!
    Hen x

  4. Hi Bun:

    We have a pug and I can tell you the list of yuk is long indeed. He sheds like a tree, smells terribly doggy (doesn't have to be wet) sniffs, snorts, sneezes, has panic attacks, eats anything on the floor or ground and rubbish you would not think edible. His snoring at night shakes the wall he leans against and his breathing is very loud and deep.

    That being said, he is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever had. He is phenomenal with children, great with cats and always wants to please.

    I guess he's worth it! ;)

    Lisa xo

  5. Hmm, yes, dogs. Ben and I keep looking at each other and asking: 'Why do we have a dog?'

    We always swore we'd stay with cats, but Son 1 is a real dog-lover and when he needed a bit of extra love and support last year we knew that a dog was the answer. She really is a wonderful dog, but we do prefer her at a distance, or maybe as a theory, rather than as an actual fact!

  6. Aaaaah...Alfie,what a cute face!I must say I don't come across many pugs when I'm walking Bella.We're forever finding ways to disguise the doggy smell in our house.It's worse at the moment because there are so many muddy puddles around to'wallow'in.Oh the joys of having a dog!!

  7. 'Aaaaawwww' I far prefer cats, but with a face like that who could resist??

    Take care hun,

    Nina xxx

  8. Awww Alfie is such a sweetie - am sure his cuteness is why he gets away with so much.

  9. He looks very cuddly! I think you don't notice doggy smells after a while, and I avert my gaze from the dog hair. And I do need someone to talk to when everyone is out - better talking to a dog than to myself, it looks less mad I suspect! And of course they understand every word, and never ignore you, as well as always being pleased to see you - what would I do without them!

    Pomona x

  10. Alfie Blue is surely far too refined to snuffle in anything yuk?! t.x
    (note to self - don't let pug snuffle me next time I'm there - ugh!)


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