Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jollity All Round

Amongst all the busy busy that is general life around here at the moment there is a lot of colour. It's frankly all very jolly indeed and that's how we like it best.

Colourful vintage needles are all be-ribboned and ready for Little Vintage Lover at Burnham Market this weekend. There are also quite a few makes that are ready and waiting for their finishing touches. So I thought you might like a peek at some of them before they arrange themselves all decoratively on my stall.

I've made some of the playing cards I put my brooches on into gift labels. I was asked a few times at Woodbridge market if I sold them as gift tags so I thought I'd better make a few ready for christmas gifts.

In the mornings tucked up in bed I've been crocheting these adorable mistletoe kisses. Some I've made into brooches and the rest have been sewn on to hairclips. With your mistletoe always at the ready you'll be able to ask for a kiss whenever you want.

Now as I've suddenly acquired a lot of vintage wooden hangers from Craig and also from Emmie I needed to get on with prettying them up.

This was my first one which I'm really pleased with. I always make just one of each new thing to see if I like it before I start cutting into my fabric stash. Well I was very pleased, so all the rest have been cut and sewn today.

I love taking something vintage, adding some new fabric or embellishments and then hey presto it's something new to be loved once more.

Tonight's job will be lining this basket and padding out the top. I'm not so sure I'll be able to part with this one, but then I do still have another larger one to cover gifted from Teena.

After a busy morning making, I had to go to the bank which meant a whizz around the charity shops too. Now only yesterday I was moaning about the shortage of good booty in the CS lately. Well today was a great gathering goodies day. A pair of beautiful rose bowls and lilac needles were found in the first one.

Then another holiday tablecloth, this time from Devon.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this pair of vintage children's pinnies. I'll definately be popping them on my stall.

Now for the really exciting bit as these are for us and us alone.

I found some baubles. Not just any old baubles, but frosted pink baubles and just the one golden one all hidden in a box of nasty plastic ones. I think they look just perfect with the crepe paper which will become homemade decorations of one sort or another. That's going to be a decision for another day I think as we have ooohhh - weeks and weeks left for all that stuff.

So I put them to one side with the conkers which are being fiercely guarded by the orangutan. Autumn and winter side by side in two dishes.

Now tomorrow is another busy day. A chocolate cake and buns to bake for the school christmas bazaar on Saturday. Little Bun's class are in charge of the cafe, so I can't get out of that one. Then more making before the end of the day when we'll be heading off to the Christmas Lights in the market town we used to live in.

All very jolly all round I think.


  1. rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit...
    you've got more rabbit than sainsbury's....

    oh woman, you've put that tune in my head and it'll be there all day!

    chas and dave, what are you like?!?

    thank you, your comment made me guffaw... x

  2. I love those pink baubles..and of course the Torquay tablecloth ;-)

  3. How lucky were you to get those pink baubles! I managed to get 2 vintage baubles from our local charity shop last week but they are not as nice as yours.

    Jo xx

  4. Love those mistletoe kisses!
    Hope all goes well for the event at Burnham Market.


  5. Oooh, I wish I could comem what gorgeous treasures. The mistletoe brooch on that sweet robin card is just beautiful!

    I've been gathering a few vintage baubles one by one and I've finally got enough for a bowl full at last! I keep being outbid on ebay.

    Have a super weekend and hope the fair goes well.


  6. Wish I could be at the fair, boo hoo!
    Good Luck with it.

  7. You have been a busy one. I hope the fair goes well. The baubles are lovely.

  8. Crochet mistletoe? OMG heavenly creation LOVE LOVE LOVE! ( are you clear on how I feel about that?)

    New pink baubles, mega lovely too.

    Good luck with all your wares x love those gift tags, you are V. clever,

    Sarah x

  9. I love all those beautiful things - really full of colour. I just wish I lived close enough to visit your stall!

    Pomona x

  10. It never ceases to amaze me the things that you find - those baubles are just beautiful! i also love the little crocheted mistletoe - fabulous and very festive!!

    What a lovely blog, oh I do enjoy popping in to see what you are up to!

    Love Julia x

  11. What lovely finds. I still dream of finding lovely coloured knitting needles, the charity shops here just don't seem to have them ever.


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