Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Piles of things coming at me

Bleary eyed, yet again. This morning I woke to find this little gang waiting for me on the landing. Shows someone has been up a lot earlier than me.

I'm most definately a night owl - early mornings I could do without. Each day I wake up at the last minute and race around like a woman posessed helping the Bun's get school tights on, hair tied in plaits and bunches or if we're really late a quick ponytail. I curse Alfie, Molly and Pip as I trip over them for the 10oth time as they howl for breakfast. As I'm upstairs getting dressed I'm yelling brush your teeth, put your shoes on and knowing we're going to be cutting it fine again getting to school on time. We all know whose fault it is. It's mine for grabbing those extra few minutes in bed, because I stayed up really late again last night trying to squeeze more out of the day.

So the point of this ramble is to point out a few realities. Realities delivered in a pretty way. I'm not going to show the actual reality of overflowing bins and mess, because who wants to see that.

I come back from the school dash not knowing where to start first. Do I pick up the mugs I left on the sofa this morning? No I don't because then I'd have to go in the kitchen and face the sink piled high, the really really badly in need of washing floor and all the paperwork stuffed at one end of the counter.

So I trundle off to feed the pets I ignored first thing. That means looking at the bookcase which has become a dumping ground for odd things that don't have homes. It's really bad below this, believe me, no tastefully arranged books, just things dumped and left.

Pets fed and my mind wanders to what I want to be doing today. I want to make fun things and present things and just enjoying making them things.

There's definately enough inspiration here for me to be getting on with. Those two rolls of fabric are my first choice for craftiness.

I bought them on Sunday from Craig and Tracey at the Textile Fair as I thought they were perfect to make pencil rolls for the Bun's christmas presents.

Craig also gave me some vintage hangers to cover (crochet or fabric I'm still undecided). More importantly will it ever get done? Now this is what I'm really writing about here. It's what I want to be doing and what needs to be doing. How do I know where to start first to make the most of those few school hours that allow me to get on and work. I hate sitting in a filthy house with jobs and paperwork piled up all around. I really need to get making too as most of my stock was sold at the weekend. So wonderful, but it just means more things to add to the mental list. Then there's the fact that I'm here writing this, much more fun than washing up though. Maybe the pixies have been in and helped out.

Now lets step back a bit from the gorgeous fabric stash and you can see what I mean about wondering where to start first. There's a very big - well two very big - piles of ironing. These are going to keep growing if I don't have a word with them and then there's that wall. A bit white, a bit green. In fact there are quite a few of these walls around here. So where do I start first? The only solution I can think of is to buy blinkers or get rich and pay someone else to do it.

Right I'm off to put the mugs in the sink. I think that's a start at least. Have a great day won't you.


  1. Well I couldn't believe my eyes! I had the very same little doll when I was small - the tiny nudie one at the front, and I called her Lucy. Im sure my mum still has her somewhere!

    Lovely fabric too by the way x

  2. I like your thinking!

    I should really be doing at the moment(simultaneouslyI might add!!) the washing up, hanging the washing out and putting a fresh load on, changing beds, cleaning out the fire....blar,blar,blar but instead I'm here avoiding all of the above and a lot, lot more - welllll when I die I'm not going to be thinking 'oh I wish I had done more housework!'

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  3. So good to know we're not alone - are you sure you didn't sneak over to France and take a photo of our bookshelves?

    I just HAVE to finish some of my Christmas projects. Everything is dotted, half finished, around the house. A serious floor mop is also in order. I have begun cleaning the oven today, but it's another half-finished job as I've left the shelves and door plates in to soak. Where to begin?

  4. The first thing to do is give up ironing - it has liberated me hugely! And get everyone else to help with the washing up. But you have hit on the problem of working at home - if you go out to the office there is not contest, you can't see it all, and just have to get on and work. Whereas today I should have been working on a book project, but have been running in and out with baskets of washing (not to mention getting distracted by blogging!).

    Hope you managed to get something interesting done anyway!

    Pomona x

  5. Update: I chose the oven! Srange for me, but it looks great. Now to the pinking shears...

  6. My housework is too building up around me at the moment, but my thinking is it can wait!!

  7. Oh I did love this post - the art of procrastination - isn't it great! So many like minded people out there. What have I done today? Well I did go into work this morning and have put a load of washing on and a load in the dryer... but that is about it. I did make some candles - does that count?

  8. I haven't gone into work today and intended to get a few jobs done... so far I seem to have done very little!!!

    Knowing me I'll come to life later this evening and be up too late and oversleep for work tomorrow!!

    Victoria xx

  9. Snap

    I have mornings like that - can never get out of bed till the duvet is dragged off me.

    I did manage quite a bit before I left for work this morning - including some nice stuff which I'll blog about later.

    A good 'reality' post :)

  10. Well what a refreshing blog ! Currently I have smelly vintage clothes hung all over the house, Graham has invited friends down this weekend and I refuse to move them! He should know better in between two fairs and any way they may buy half of it ( wishful thinking!)And don't talk to me about house work ... every room is a mess. I have found you some hangers just need to get to you. Loving the fish fabric xx

  11. Oh my pie, I started clearing oiut some junk from the little bedroom, you should see it now, it looks even worse, stuff strewn everywhere, what have I done? been to the charity shop to drop some excess belongings off to find new homes in time for Christmas hopefully and now it looks even worse than before I started.

    Oh oh, I have to go and pick my Mum up now so it will have to wait, probably until next week! yikes,

    Sarah x

  12. On my day off I start with good intensions but then I stop!!! My head gets muddled when there's so much to do, it's much easier being on here! Glad most of your stock sold, well done :) I think you sould make some more because you may get rich & can pay someone to clean the house! :)

  13. Housework sucks!
    What really got me though was the little gang waiting outside your bedroom door... cute but also a little freaky.
    Please tell me they had a little human help to get there?!?

  14. Sweetie you should have asked me for help today - I know just how to deal with those piles of ironing - I do it all the time - you just take it off the dryer and put it in the wardrobe on a coat hanger - hey presto - no ironing pile! I mean really! Life's too short!

  15. I think it must be the season for feeling this way, I've come across this same feeling in lots of friends recently.....you know, the feeling of being overwhelmed by household mess/clutter/chores and wanting to get the place straightened out in time for Christmas. Yet at the same time wanting to completely ignore it in favour of crafting/shopping/doing-fun-things in preparation for Christmas!!

    Its the same here in the Attic, only I'm being aided by some huge hormones which have forced me to tackle The Piles....still got The Shelves to do though, you are so not alone in having those type of shelves which gather all manner of stuff!

    Anyhow......just wanted to send you a big hug and say that I'm thinking of you and hoping you can find some sort of balance without too much stress involved.

    Love to you


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