Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tins & Things

Last Wednesday the carboot field was flooded. I arrived full of anticipation and with a pocketful of pennies and then had to drive on by. Luckily today it was nice and dry and there were a few treasures still to be found.

I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these two floral tins. The round one is a Cadbury's biscuit tin and the large square one is Huntley & Palmer's. For a serious tin addict, I'd say they're amongst the best I've found so far.

I couldn't say exactly why I liked this Firth of Clyde toffee tin, I just did. Some things you know why you like and others, you just know you want to take home with you. I felt quite sad when I opened it up as it has carefully rolled bundles of garden twine inside. When Mr Bun looked inside he felt the same way. We both thought of the person who had saved those useful things in their toffee tin. Here we are doing exactly the same with our tins. Some have buttons, some beads and others bits of this and bits of that.

On the same stall as the sailing tin, I found these Rosa pink dishes. I've wanted some shallow bowls for a while now as the soup season is upon us. Now how lovely to have some in a delicate shade of pink.

The other thing that has been on my mental list for a while now has been a shelf to go over my patchy armchair. Not overly exciting I know, but I found just the shelf today, albeit in nasty yellow pine. Being impatient I wanted to put it up straight away, so I got my trusty drill out and set to. Mr Bun bought it for me an age ago as he hates hearing the letters D.I.Y and leaves it to me to bodge up our walls. So a few holes later, a lot of dust and a lick of paint and we have one slowly drying shelf up.

By this evening it was all dry, so I tried the minimal shelf look out. Since looking at this I've filled it with more stuff. I fail miserably with minimal.


  1. I'm like you - half of my hankers after one of those minimal, stylish houses, but I just can't manage it. However much I think I throw out and pare down, it all creeps back again until every surface is full! And gets covered in dust.
    I'm very impressed about you and the drill - I find them a bit scary, and worry that they will bite.

    Pomona x

  2. The rosy tins are lovely. what wonderful finds ! I love tins too and would have been very pleased with myself if I had managed to find those. I know what you mean about the shelf, the minimal look usually lasts about an hour with me if I have new shelves.
    Ann x

  3. I've done the minimal look, it's great when you have young children and cleaning doesn't take so long but it's not cosy which is the look I want to go for now. I'll have to go to more car boot sale. you always find great things and I love your latest tins.

    Joanne x

  4. I love, love, love your finds, especially the floral tins! x

  5. Fabby tins, I can just see you dancing with glee at those! I think the shelf definitely needs loads more stuff on it but well done you for putting it up.
    Hen x

  6. The tins you spotted are fantastic.

    Victoria x

  7. Such lovely finds and the tins are gorgeous. I always find I am more interested in the contents inside sometimes rather than the actual tin - but great finds though.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

    ps. I don't do minimal either (it's boring!) N xx

  8. More is better! That applies to most everything. ;-)

  9. Minimal - pah! Love your cosy little corner, and go fill that shelf!

  10. Oh minimal - what fun is that? One vase, a leaf and a cunningly placed postcard. I prefer your way.

    Excellent treaures by the way - I think I need a trip to your car booties - they throw up such magic!

  11. I'd love to do minimal as well, but well, I decided it was just impossible and I like my bits and bobs too much. I love your tins. I think I've got a pine shelf like that tucked away somewhere. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could get away with painting it and sticking up on the wall over my sewing table... We went for minimal on the walls when we decorated the living room in 2005, but I'm soooo tempted to start putting things up.

  12. Love those floral tins. Glad to find another Lovejoy fan, though I haven't had much response to my bring back Lovejoy Campaign. I watched one of the Ian McShane interviews and he said they were replaced with Heartbeat. Apparently the adventure and interesting locations of Lovejoy was all too much for us. I wonder if he realises how much people enjoyed the show.

  13. Personally I think it's the cluttery look that makes a place more homely. These minimalist places are fine if you just sit decorously around doing nothing, have no pets and no small people visiting. However, in the real world, there are those of us with several craft projects on the go at once, each in their own basket, a couple of books too, maybe a magazine, and just too many pretty things to put in a cupboard and not have out on display ... even if moving them to dust can be a bind sometimes!

  14. Great minds obviously thinking along those same lines.............shelves and moaning about husbands with regards to shelves, ringing a bell or two there!!!!

  15. I dont do minimal either your look is homely and lovely, love the tins I have loads too.


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