Monday, 19 October 2009

Special Things

My darling Eldest Bun was off school on Friday and still no improvement today so we're off to the doctor's later this morning. Now when you're nine and feel a bit low there are things that a mummy can do to make you feel just that little bit better. A bowl of sweeties for me and a bowl of sweeties for you. Both eaten while we had a lovely cuddly. That's a good start.

Next up to get started on her wristwarmers. We chose these two zingy shades of Sirdar Sublime at the wool shop last week while we were waiting for Little Bun to finish drama club. I followed the pattern in Hip Knits, except I used DK rather than 4ply. I was going to add flowers to the wrist, but changed my mind as I thought a butterfly landing on her wrist would be just perfect. I might put a flower on the other one. The one that hasn't been made yet.

I also picked up these fabulous floral prints from our quilting shop. No plans for them, they simply needed to come home with me.

Now on Friday we needed a hot water bottle and I realised we needed a cover. Something pretty for a little girl. Blue rubber is fine for Mr Bun, but not for a girl Bun. Eldest Bun chose the top smaller floral print and I picked some vintage sheeting for the lining.

I copied the pattern from CK's latest book on to some baking paper and off I went snip snipping away.

I've left the backing slightly bigger so that it won't pull up too much when I sew through the layers. Now I've marked up the lines for the running stitch I'd better hurry up and finish it so it can be cuddled in bed tonight.

Next I really better start thinking christmas making as there are about four fairs coming up over the next month or so.


  1. What a lovely mummy you are.. almost makes me wish I were nine again! I did say 'almost'....

  2. I do love a pattern crafted from greaseproof, a woman after my own heart!
    As for eldest Bun I prescribe more cuddles and curling up with a Narnia book and a blanket, hope she is feeling better soon,

    Sarah x

  3. Oh sweeties, just the perfect medicine!

    Victoria xx

  4. Oh you are one step ahead of me on the hot water bottle cover - I really must get a move on! I hope eldest bun is feeling better soon.

  5. Sweets are a good start to make her feel better again!
    Lovely fabrics. I'm waiting for a whole load to come through the post and I can't wait!

  6. I have been wanting to try that hot water bottle cover, it looks perfect x

  7. Oh we hate that eldest bun is poorly still. We want to give her big cuddles! But as we're busy with poorly cuddles of our own I feel best to keep our germs to ourselves for now! I'll save my cuddles until we meet up again.

  8. Hot water bottles are the best comfort. I hope eldest bun feels better soon,

    take care and lots of hugs,

    Nina xxxxx

    ps. love the wrist warmers - I'm wayyyyyy too lazy and bought mine in the sales - last year!!

  9. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear your lass isn't well and not improving yet. I hope it clears very very soon. With such lovely mits, hottie and sweeties to cheer her I'm sure she'll be on the mend soon. All best wishes.

  10. Those sweets look lovely, just the ticket to make anyone feel better.
    Love the new fabrics :)

  11. So sorry to hear that Eldest Bun isn't feeling well. LOVE that little butterfly. Is that pattern "share-able?"

  12. I'll email you lemony R with details as as simple as it is I might get problems if I write out a book's pattern here.

    Mrs Bun x

  13. Do hope eldest Bun is better soon - nothing worse than ill kidlets :(

    You've reminded me, I've some wristwarmers hidden somewhere - off in search!

  14. We use hot water bottles here regularly. I should really do something pretty to cover them.

    Beautiful wrist warmers

  15. Just to say I am hosting a Christmas-themed swap over on The Three R's blogspot, if you are interested in taking part?

  16. I love the mitts - I actually have the pattern for the 4 ply - did you use same no of stitches/size needles?

    Pomona x


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