Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Patching This 'n' That

On Friday the wool shop beckoned. I went in and eyed up all the glorious colours and I was immediately drawn to this mustard wool cotton. It's the most fabulous shade of yellow. Not too bright, not too dull. I've had an idea in my head for a while now and once I saw how wonderful the grey and teal looked beside the mustard I knew what I would be using to make my new project. More of that later though as my head had also been spinning with another plan.

I want to make a couple of quilts for the Bun's winter beds. Having never made them before I looked around, read some and gathered all my inspiration together before I settled on the pattern. I wanted to make the quilts using a selection of dresses and trousers they had as babies and toddlers so they would be memory quilts. These might be the only ones I ever get round to making so we need to be realistic here and get all the chosen ingredients in first time round.

After I'd selected a bundle of fabrics I set about designing a pattern that was just right for Little Bun. I've chosen to fill the centre with a mish mash of colourful fabrics and have a white border around that. I've a few other ideas to add to it, but I'll see how it looks as it grows.

It seemed to take forever to cut out all forty-eight squares, but finally they were done and it was time for the exciting bit.

Numbered ListLaying them all out, working out which should go where, until I knew it looked just right and the kitchen table was completely covered.

When Little Bun got home from school she helped me number all the squares. Then I started stitching each row together planning the pattern of Eldest Bun's quilt in my head as I sewed.

Now back to that wool. I've been knitting a so soft green scarf for an age now (ok so I started it last winter). It's in Rowan's Cocoon and it's lovely to work with, but it needs complete concentration and I usually only find time to sit and knit in the evening. It's a slow process, but I'll get there eventually. With this in mind and being inspired by all the lovely crochet scarves appearing, especially Julia's, I decided to make my own, much quicker scarf. I have a teal velvet winter coat and this scarf is to be a perfect friend to that coat.

Once I started working on those colours I realised why I'd liked them so much in the wool shop. They're exactly the same colours as the sitting room.

Only thing I can't decide now is should it be two squares wide - or three? Then it will need some kind of edging to pull it all together. What will it be I wonder.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt that's going to be, I can't wait to see it finished, Yum! x

  2. The quilt is lovely, some great farbics. I think you should do 2 wide on the scarf if you're going have edging, it may be too big & unflexible 3 wide, looking good :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, some lovely fabrics there. I think 2 squares wide for the scarf would be just perfect. Dev x

  4. I like the idea of two squares wide too and less crocheting aswell.


  5. The patchwork quilt is lovely. You seem to get everything done so quickly. Moving from Colchester to Suffolk seems to have slowed me right down, I really must speed up a bit before I come to a complete halt.

  6. So pretty, that quilt, and a family treasure/heirloom to be passed on to other little Buns in years to come. And isn't it amazing how crocheted squares scarves seem to be in vogue at present! Your colours are gorgeous.

  7. I spy half of my daughters wardrobe from years past in that quilt!

  8. what a great idea for a quilt...I wish I had saved more of the boys clothes...actually I hardly saved any. Maybe if I had girls it would be different...bet its going to look fab...and what gorgeous clothes your girls had :)

  9. The quilt looks lovely. I'm desperate to get started on one - hopefully soon!

  10. Yes the piggies did get cleaned out! ;-)

    The quilt is going to be lovely - that is the advantage of having girls, my youngest pretty much ruins all his clothes. Put it this way, he doesn't grow out of them, rather wears them out LOL

    The crochet scarf is going to be gorgeous, the colours are quite sumptious.

  11. 2 squares wide Mrs. Bun!

    Adore your colour scheme, I am having a mustard with everything colour moment. Just been gazing at Boden website and realised everything I am eyeing up has a splash of mustard in it!

    The quilt is going to be so gorgeous lucky Buns all round :D

    Sarah x

  12. oh thats lovely...not been by for a while...so thought I'd pop in and say hi!x

  13. I love reading your blog. The images are lovely to look at. The patchwork quilt is really lovely. Well done.
    You are weclome to viste are blog.
    From Emma Sweet Things

  14. Beautiful yarn and fabrics! Your projects are just beautiful and so inspiring! What talent!

  15. Mustard and Teal are so in this Winter - a great choice Mrs B and I love the memory quilts.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  16. Oh dear you naughty woman, you have made me want to make another scarf now!! :)
    I like the colours you have chosen so much, they seem to glow when together! Cant wait to see the finished scarf, you must post photos!!

    Love Julia xxx

  17. Wonderful colours on the wool choose.

    Victoria x


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