Saturday, 24 October 2009

Making Our Own Sunshine Sparkle

Summer briefly came back yesterday, but today it was drizzly and gloomy so we needed lots of colour, comfort, and fun.

I collected together Friday's CS treasure and the crafty goodies that I got from the wool shop to inspire me to get working.

Mid morning, I braved the rain and dashed down to the henhouse to feed the ladies. Only two eggs today. One of such thunderous proportions , beside a normal one.

Later we played Monopoly, which was great until it all got a bit nasty with the jelly babies. In the end we ate them and put up a few more hotels.

The Bun's and I also made some glasses (inspired by miss frugality) and gave Alfie Blue the spare pair. He didn't even bother waking up to have a look.

Then to really beat the gloom we made the cottage sparkle. The woodburner and candles were lit and the fairy lights came on here ...

... here ...

... and here.

A perfect day to beat all the wet gloom outside.


  1. Looks lovely & cosy. My that's a very large egg! :)

  2. Oh Alfie Blue you look fabulous in those shades! A little bit Elvis like? Loving Monopoly with Jelly Babies, nice innovation must try it! I suspet the game will finnish much quicker as a result!

    Sarah x

  3. Fairy lights and a fire always add sparkle to my day.

    Love Mr Alfie's Elton John glasses and jelly babies for counters in Monopoly a genius twist, but I think I would end up making myself bankrupt as I cannot resist those tasty little sweets.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we've just remembered the clocks went back last night - whoops!! I could of stayed in bed another hour!

    Nina xxx

  4. What a lovely post. Alfie Blue looks fabby in his shades, Elton would be jealous! Gorgeous china from the charity shop and scrummy colours in the fabrics.
    Hen x

  5. I enjoyed reading this post. The house did look cosy and inviting and I like the idea of eating the jelly babies too!

  6. Oh it looks lovely and cosy and I imagine it is going to get more lovelier as the weather gets colder!


  7. Ah Mrs Bun, you've brought a bit of aparkle to this little end of Cambs. Hmm, spandy eyewear Alfie. Lovely lovely!

  8. Lovely and cosy - and beautiful colours to inspire as well.

  9. oooh Mrs that's a pointy one!
    Love Alfies shades..very Elton John and your house looks as gorgeous as cosy and pretty and sparkly..can I move in please? xx

  10. One camp pug ;)

    Now any board game which involves jelly babies gets my vote!

  11. I had a fire like that once...trouble is, it set fire to the chimney. My husband's work colleagues thought it the best excuse yet to leave work and go home... a phone call saying Honey I'm burning the house down, but don't worry, the fire brigade are on their way!' And my best friend Janet, turning up to take me out for the day as pre-arranged, thought all her Christmases had come at once with all these hunky firemen around! And my youngest son, at the village school next door, proudly announced his mum was burning the house down and was hero for the day because of the resulting fire engine outside. Now I am past getting excited at the sight of firemen in uniform, and too much of a scaredy cat to have a woodburner again.

  12. theres nothing like a few fairy lights to brighten up a home and the heart x

  13. How lovely! What pretty lights, lovely crafty goodies and such an egg!! Poor love, how did she ever part company with that one eh?? Its nice to be able to visit your cosy and colourful little world again, my dear old laptop is home and well again so Im up to some intense blog browsing!

    Happy Tuesday
    Love Julia xxx


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