Thursday, 22 October 2009

A hook and a spot of weather

Last night I gathered together some more converts to hooking. We met at the church which is in the next village to mine. It has a great room attached to the side which was perfect except for one thing.

I arrived early with good intentions to walk briskly through the graveyard, put all the lights on and get the room set up.
Instead. Mmmm - what did brave me do instead? I looked through the darkness (remember this is the countryside so no lights, just black and yet more black) and considered the stone angels lit up from underneath while the rain poured down around me and thought the car looked a good place to wait for the others to arrive.

So here we are - all cosied up with cake, flapjacks and coffee to keep us going. Soon we will be joined by a few more novice hookers who are already signed up. For now four was the perfect number and gave me the chance to give everyone the time they needed.

Strange angle for this one - a bit tipping off to one side.

After all the rain we had yesterday, we woke to the most fabulous day. Even though we were running a wee bit late on our drive to school, I had to stop to take these photos as the mist looked so beautiful with the sun breaking through.

Right now off to do some nice things for the day (making) and not so nice things (paperwork and bills). Hope your day has more nice things in it than not so nice.


  1. I know that feeling! the walk form my place to the village hall is pitch black and I am such a woos we just had a sensor light put up outside the hall so that it comes on when someon arrives. I like you tend to hang back and wait for someone else!

    I wish you were nearer the Garden oF England as I would love you to teach me!

    Sarah x

  2. Aaah, I have just got back from my "knit n' natter" and feel calm and relaxed now. I love that you all use those little free CK bags for your hooky bits, that is exactly what I keep in my one x

  3. I second Sarah - fancy popping down to Kent to teach me, too?

    When I am first to work (in a big old house) in the morning, I always unlock the doors first, and leave them wide open for the overnight pixies to depart, while I go back and get my things from the car! So you are not alone in your wariness.

    Pomona x

  4. I don't blame you for staying in the car - I would of done exactly the same. Graveyards freak me out in the daytime let alone the night in the pitch black 'bbbrrrrrrr'

    The misty pictures are fabulous,

    Nina x

  5. We have our monthly knit-crochet night next week. We began having these monthly get-togethers this past Spring. Our usual groups consists of about a dozen gals. All levels of skill, but with one common interest. Things we can do with fiber/yarn/cord.
    We all look forward to the night of sharing and learning.

  6. You said: "Soon we will be joined by a few more novice hookers who are already signed up"

    What did they charge the hour?

  7. I would love to join a group like that - I might just have to see if there's one near here.

  8. I think you were quite sensible waiting for the arrival of moral support! The crochet squares are looking very interesting, and very yummy!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  9. I found your blog after being left a comment by a mutual 'friend', a certain detective, what a lovely 'man' he is! I should feel honoured as this is the second time he has visited this week, good to know my blog is so bad that he keeps coming back. I don't for one minute suppose he has stopped to consider that I, for one, have found lots of lovely blogs thanks to his rudeness.

  10. Oh everywhere I go today I see crochet and I soo wish I knoew how to do it. I think a visit to the library for a crochet book is in order

  11. Ha ha! Love that wonky photo! are you sure you only had tea to accompany your hooking?! and what is your little group called? 'The Church Hall Hookers' gets my vote!

  12. Stunning photos at the end there. Am sooo jealous of anyone who gets to go to one of your classes. Fancy a working holiday in Scotland???


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