Monday, 5 October 2009


On Saturday morning we were racing off to take Eldest Bun to a Tubing party (bascially hurling yourself down a wet ski-slope in what looks like a tractor inner tube) and then off hamster shopping with Little Bun. As we left the postman came with a parcel for me. We were already running late, but I did feel tempted for just one tiny second to stop and open up my package. I managed to have a stern word with myself that it would be lovely to look forward to and so off we went.

Now on to hamsters. Little Bun has finally got over her beloved rabbit Blossom's death over a year ago and told me that my rabbit George (which I gave to her) wasn't the same as having your own. I've stood firm on all requests for more rabbits - as much as I love them, I really don't love cleaning out three hutches - one more could break me. After months of pleading, I finally gave in to something small. We've had quite a few hamsters as I'm sure you can imagine. Mr Tommy Buttons was our last one and was so fabulous that nothing could compare to him. He used to wake at the Bun's teatime, walk the table and then sit in my pocket for a bit to have his sunflower seeds.

Little Bun chose - Muffin. Until something big happens or doesn't happen at the back we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, so Muffin suits both she thought.

So now I lay in the bath once more while the sound of an impending thunder storm rattles away beneath me. Hamster wheels are possibly the noisiest thing in the entire universe and something that you forget in between having one!

Now on to that parcel. It had to wait until the hamster home was built so I was really patient. Fliss so thoughtfully sent me these gifts simply for the act of giving and friendship. There is so much amazing support and friendship in the blogging community. I remember when I was in that group called The Lurkers and I'd be amazed at the relationships being established between people who had never physically met. Pomona wrote a wonderful post about the act of giving, not necessarily in terms of a gift, but in general just giving time or care to another person.

The embroidery of the bear and sailor doll on the hanging is fabulous and already a favourite around here.

With vintage Noddy on the back.

Fliss told me that her father-in-law works at a National Trust owned Mill where they weave to show the visitors how it used to be done. This thread spool and fabric are from that same mill. This fabric already has been earmarked for something which I'll tell you about later in the week.

Christmas stories for the Buns and some great cards from a very lovely Fliss. Pop over and read her blog if you haven't already as it is delightful and her makes are wonderful.

Now on to this morning and I received another parcel from dear Nina. Nina and I have been getting to know each other pretty well through blogging and I'm glad I have met her as she is wise, funny and caring. She told me she was sending me something - in fact a choccly hug as she called it as she couldn't give it to me personally when Hilda died. Well it looks like she has been popping more than chocolate in this parcel.

I have to admit to having already eaten half the caramel bar as I've never tried Green & Black's caramel. It was very yummy you know. Soap and a candle which smell divine. Balm for hardworking hands - how did she guess they could do with that?

The handmade Flying Saucer key fob, Nina had mentioned she based them on the sugar paper sweeties. I think it's fabulous and is already there keeping my keys company. What truly lovely friends. Thank you both so much.

While I'm saying thank you's - I'd also like to say hello to the new people who are following my blog as I can't follow a link to all of you. Also thank you for stopping by and leaving me your words as I'm not always so good at getting round to everyone. Pretty much the same here really. If I'm hugging one Bun then the other wants a hug and then the dog gets jealous.

Have a great week and I'll pop back later on to show you what I've been working on this weekend.


  1. 'Oh' Mrs B you've put a tear in my eye (seriously you have!!) with your wonderful and kind words and I'm so glad you like your chocolate hug (and other stuff!) I hope it did the job?

    Have a super day with lots of virtual hugs,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Will pop over to have a look at Fliss's blog as suggested... if it's as interesting and colourful as yours, it will be a treat. And I do occasionally look at Nina's... how could I not, since I am a Nina too!

  3. Hi Lisa
    Isn't it lovely to receive two parcels, we must have both been thinking the same thing! thank you for writing such a lovely note about it too, Im smiling from ear to ear! I hope Muffin settles in, have a lovely week, fliss xxxx

  4. Such gorgeous little parcels and wrapped up so beautifully too :) the stitching is absolutely gorgeous - so neat! You lucky lady! X

  5. Parcels are brilliant no doubt about it! Glad you have been spoilt, everyone deserves a little spoiling once in a while dont you think?
    Have a great week,
    sarah x

  6. The Hamster looks like it is having fun going round and round the wheels.
    From Emma Sweet Things

  7. Also I love your photos they are nice to look at.
    Have a nice day.
    From Emma Sweet Things

  8. What lovely parcels - just the thing to brighten up anyone's day! And thank you for mentioning me - it is very gratifying to know that I am not just talking to myself!

    Pomona x


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