Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cosy & Cakey

The roadside flowers have gone now and so I treated myself to these pretty pink roses yesterday. I love paint dipped roses, expecially in my blue glass jug. They make me feel happy to look at them.

I've been feeling in the need of comfort this week as I'm achey. I gave myself a couple of days off from work and so making and baking has been perfect for my mood. The Bun's now love cooking and helping to choose and make meals. Eldest Bun chose last nights meal of pasta pie (lasagne) and helped with the chopping and stirring business. Little Bun wanted to make a cake.

Jammy middle, pink icing topping, covered in 100's and 1,000's and words. She took ages picking out just the right letters.

Those words are perfect and make me smile a happy cakey cake smile.

After tea we lit Nina's candle (all the chocolate has been eaten and enjoyed).

Then we settled down for a snuggle. I'd picked up a couple of books for me when we went to the library after school and was in heaven with this Hip Knits book. I want this scarf badly. I might make it for Eldest Bun and then ask nicely if I can borrow it. There are also - I can't believe I'm about to say this - ankle warmers in there. They look great over the pink converse pumps with skinny jeans (not for me though - for Eldest Bun of course). I wore the dodgy things first time round in the 80's when Irene Kara wowed us all with Fame. Now that's been re-made so I guess she'll be needing a pair, the time has come for cosy ankles.

Then I picked up my copy of Handmade and before I knew it I'd started on a scarf for Little Bun to cheer up her grey winter coat. I think a red beret to match and she will be very cosy indeed.

Before I go to warm up Bertie's delicious Butternut Squash Soup for the Bun's tea, I thought you might like to see that I have sewn all the strips together and on the memory quilt. They are now all in one piece wating for the sides to be added. I'm loving patchwork, didn't like the cutting bit, but watching it all grow and come together, I love that.


  1. Yum, yum yum- what a lovely blog and a delicious looking cake! I am so inspired by your scarf that on Saturday I plan to go to the wool shop and pick out some beautiful colours to make one for myself!

  2. That cake looks really scrummy! It must be the weather - I've been frantically baking lately - up to now - the cooker has decided to break down....great!

  3. Yes!!! cosy cake and comfort is what we want!!!! and cosy warm ankles too!
    Love the memory quilt patchwork. My girls both had that blue polka boden dress with the roses too and I too used it in patchwork!!!!

  4. Mmmmmmm that 'Pretty in Pink' cake looks delicious just the thing to cheer up the aches.

    'Oh' I don't know pink leg warmers??? I use to wear mine with leggings and a rara skirt!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xxxxx

  5. That cake look so pretty! Memory patchwork is is lovely. Such a wonderful way to remember thoses pretty littles dresses & tops.
    Isabelle x

  6. Lovely cheery, yummy, colourful post. I remember with affection those days of children helping to bake... and mine were boys. It's that sort of weather to make you want to hibernate into the kitchen and bake for a morning isn't it?

  7. The cake looks so sweet, funny enough I picked up some little plastic dinosaurs perfect cup cake toppers for Joshy and me to bake tomorrow, The patchwork looks gorgeous really sweet, hope you have a lovely weekend, fliss xx

  8. Thankyou for following my blog.I've just popped into yours and I'll be back when I return from hols...just packing up now!


  9. OOh that cake looks delicious, your post has made me hungry. There's something about Autumn that makes me want to bake and bake and bake! Thanks for sharing. Lucy xxxxx


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