Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bootiful Booty

Some weeks at the carboot I zoom along the aisles glancing at stalls that hold nothing to draw me in and then come back with only a couple of small pieces bought for the need to buy something. Well yesterday was a different day altogether. It was one of those days where I found things that had been on my mental list for a while now. I also had another pair of eyes to help as a friend came along with me too.

I feel all swoony every time I look at this basket. Oh yes I do already have a fair few of the basketty things, but nothing quite as beautiful as this one. On ebay they always reach such high prices that I never enter into the bidding. But now I have a shallow square blue basket all of my own and it makes me very happy indeedy. I might even line it with fabric so I can use it for crafty crochet stuff. Bootiful Blue Basket carried home some of my other purchases too. They look just as gorgeous in as well as out. Well out they come so you can see them in all their beauty.

A pale pink Utility China coffee pot as Teena has named them. Not being a tea drinker I always feel hugely deprived of the ritual of pot and cover - well no more. No we can pour from the pot in the afternoon to our hearts content. Only if the birdy hops off though. I wouldn't want to scald his feet. Do you like the additions to the christmassy decorations?

As with all rescued treasure you find pieces missing their lids, cups or other essential bits and bobs. I simply love pink and green Carlton Ware so I can live without the lid. I think it will make a fine pot for hooks or buttons. The plate underneath is so pretty that I'll definately be searching out some matching pieces. The red flower centres are painted on after the glaze so they give it a bumpy feel.

Flowery booties now. The man selling the spoon had a few and wouldn't go below a pound a spoon. I wanted one so I chose my favourite. The ceramic floral brooch is perfect unbelievably and so pretty. Then the violas, great for someone like me who forgets to plant them up. For now they look delightful in the lemony washbowl bought quite a few CB's back.

This pair of vintage egg cosies I'd say are late 1940's early 1950's by the shade of the wool. These will be for sale. I keep planning to add my vintage homeware to my etsy shop and I think these would be ideal.

I've also searched high and low for authentic wooden handles for knitting bags. Only one pair I know, but it's a start. The fabric is awful, but I'm sure my stash has just the thing to pretty these up.

Whilst I swooned over my recent treasure, the Bun's were busy creating gardens for a paper frog - Freddie and one for Little Rabbit. They've made summer houses, hopscotch and ponds with a splodge of glue, tons of paper and lots of imagination. A bootiful day.

Before I go I wanted to say how much your kind words meant to me about Hilda Hen. Thankyou so much for understanding how sad it is and those of you who sent me lovely emails thankyou too - very very nice people these bloggers.


  1. Hello Lisa and thank you so much for the comments about my website. It really does help to have that feedback x

  2. Oh what beautiful finds! That teapot is fab. What will we do over winter without car boots!

  3. 'Oh' I'm swooning over here with your basket and coffee pot find!

    'Bootiful Booty' Mrs B, as always

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xxxxxxxxx

  4. Well done, Lisa. It's great when you have a successful booty day, puts you on such a high! Absolutely love the little spoon, even at £1 I think I'd have snapped the lot!
    Hen xxx

  5. Great finds, I love the egg cosy. I have a basket like that, I took it to the big knit all filled with wool, it looked lovely :)

  6. Some beautiful finds, particularly love your blue basket.

  7. The basket, I absolutely love!!! I can see why you would be swooning over it. Great find. I really like the carlton ware too.
    A very successful day!
    Isabelle x

  8. Lordy Miss Claudie what a genius haul of lovliness, can I be on your Christmas list? What a great eye you have, sorry that is derogatory, I am sure both your eyes are marvelous! tee hee,
    Love Sarah x

  9. Great finds but that basket is the best I love it, well done.

  10. What wonderful finds. Your basket is lovely, I have a couple very similar myself. I use one to hold my washing powder boxes and laundry bits and the other to hold folded tea towels in the kitchen, they are so versatile.
    Ann x

  11. Also loves the basket - such a beautiful blue.

  12. I love the tea pot and posy brooch and the basket, its all so pretty, and the buns crafty makes, joshy made a cardboard doggy today, with three eyes and a green tongue! lovely!

  13. Lovely lovely finds and the basket will be perfect for your crochet!

    I've passed on an award to you on my blog - hope I've done it right, as they say there is a first time for everything!

    {{hugs}} for your loss.

  14. It's all so lovely - but I especially love the egg cosies!

  15. What a great basketful of goodies! I've never seen a spoon like that - it's beautiful!

  16. Oh good grief! I've blown it again - was I supposed to offer sympathy about the hen? Bugger! Will give you a hug when we meet this week instead!
    (great booty!)

  17. These are such lovely things! I love the dainty floral dish and spoon!


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