Friday, 25 September 2009

Weekend Preparations

As I'll be leaving just before six tomorrow morning I won't see my lovely ones until the end of the day, so I've bought a few weekend treats for them all. I've promised the Bun's, who have just discovered the joys of bubble gum, that I would find them the proper stuff. Proper stuff being Trebor's Bubbly. This was the one I blew huge pink bubbles with as a child and nothing else compares. in my opinion. Well apart for that wee addiction I had to cherry flavoured gum when I was pregnant with eldest bun.

It tastes perfect, blows great bubbles and best of all the wrapper just makes me smile and feel happy. These are the perfect shades of pink, yellow and blue for sunshine days.

They also have sherbet pips and gummy bears. I've already pinched a few of these sweeties - we don't need to let them know that though do we.

To make the Bun home all flowery for the weekend I was thrilled to find some dahlia's on the market. I thought they had all gone now so I'm very pleased with these orange and red pom poms.

With flowers in hand I went into the wool shop as I was after a bears eye. Poor Parsley bear has had an accident and so needs a bit of treatment. In the wool shop they run a mini craft book library and were selling off some of the stock. Lucky me as I've put off buying this book for ages and now I'm glad I did as it was greatly reduced. I can't wait to try some of these flowers out, especially the butterflies I already have ideas for them.

When I got home I had two packages waiting me for me. First was this fabulous book by Poppy Treffry on freestyle machine embroidery. Something else I'm itching to learn as so much of my work calls out for this fabulous embellishment. I hope I'll be able to get the hang of it.

Parcel two was my mini moo cards. I had no idea how mini they would actually be. They look fabulous, BUT - if you wear glasses as I do you can't read the info on the back unless you have your glasses with you. I love them as my new business cards, but I think I'll be ordering the proper sized ones next. They'll be great for this weekend at Woodbridge though. I'll make sure there's a magnifying glass to hand.

Before I go, I thought you might like to see the finished Bits & Bobs Purses. I've added a contrasting running stitch to each one to hold the outer and lining in place. I'm really pleased with them now. As I'm enjoying patchy things too at the moment I'm tempted to make a few of these in patchy patterns.

Now I've given myself lots of things to be getting on with next week, alongside a spot of part-time teaching and my evening crochet class it looks like another busy busy and fun week.

Righty oh, I'm off to pack boxes and find my ring-a-ding till. Have a fantastic weekend. Hope the sun is still shining for everyone.


  1. I hope the fair is a great success for you, the bags look lovely. The Moo mini cards are really mini, I agree, but people took them like sweeties from a jar at the V&H Fair I did so I think it might work out v expensive to get the "normal" sized ones just for fair purposes. I wish I could get decent garden flowers like that in London, it's all depressing Kenyan roses and the like!
    Hope you enjoy a rest on Sunday.
    Hen x

  2. Sherbit pips my favourite!!

    I adore your bags and the running stitch give a wonderful handmade finishing touch.

    Have fun at the fair,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Good old fashioned sweets - you can't beat them.

  4. Lovely sweets - need to hunt out some properly bubbly for me now.

    Looking forward to the fair tomorrow.

  5. Love the mini cards, very cute - I imagine they will be a big hit! The bags are great too, I love the fabrics you've used, and the running stitch is a lovely detail :) xx

  6. Oooh sherbet pips! A treat my nan used buy for me and my sister! that takes me back. I used love the hubba bubba bubble gum when I was young. The orange one being my fav.

    I love your purses, the running stitch just finishes it all off. Hope your fair goes well.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. The purses look great - have a fun and successful time at the fair.

  8. Big bubbles, no troubles! Have fun at the fair, x

  9. I love the purses, the fabrics that you used are really nice.
    I do like the little moo cards, so sweet.
    Good luck at the fair!
    Isabelle x

  10. ooh bubbly, the proper stuff!! Its been years for me but I think I shall have to go a seeking:P
    Love that cafe fabric, the colours are a dream!!

  11. Looking forward to seeing the Buns master the art of the giant bubble! You know the one that pops into your hair and takes ages to de-tangle! Happy days! t.x (the moo cards were just wonderful! fantastic images even though it's such a tricky shape to work with).


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