Sunday, 20 September 2009

Summery Sunday

Each year we seem to be lucky in the middle of September and the sun still shines down on us. Off we go to the beach where my dad played when he was young to picnic, play and celebrate his birthday.

After lunch we took it in turns to scooter. Even my dad who is in his eighties grabbed the handles and off he went along the prom.

We played Boules, flew kites, paddled, ate ices and dug sand cars for the Buns.

There was also time to daydream by the boating lake ...

...and take in the view before heading home.

Now it's back to the reality of the week and busy hands getting stuff made for Woodbridge Contemporary & Vintage Market this weekend.


  1. You can beat weekends like that, when the weather's great and we can forget the routine's of the week!

  2. Such lovely pictures Mrs B and 'Happy Belated Birthday' to your dad - it looks like you had a fab day.

    Nina x

  3. What a lovely day, Mrs. Bun. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. The water reflecting looks gorgeous! What a lovely weekend. :-)

  5. Your Dad rocks! Mine's almost in his 70's now and he is still up for a bit of air guitar at Christmas...Dad's rule! X

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Hope Woodbridge goes well for you at the weekend! Rebecca x


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