Monday, 7 September 2009

So Stitchy

Two Bun's have been delivered back to school and the house is horribly quiet. I have so much to do here and yet I want to go out and find some noise. It's a strange adjustment getting used to having them around all the time and then making the same adjustment back to being without them. When they return home I'll probably be thinking roll on bedtime for some peace. That's just how fickle a mother I am.

I've started making the bunting needed for the garden this weekend. It's Eldest Bun's birthday party on Saturday. We had to put it back a week and now I'm glad we did as I have had little party inspiration of late. She fancies the gazebo in the garden all bunting festooned. games and nail painting. Hopefully we'll get some of that blue sky, no wind, no rain kind of weather back again. This is a big hopefully as 12 girls will make it a bit of a squash and a squeeze in our cottage.

For now the first lot of bunting has been draped over the kitchen dresser and I like it there.

I also liked the reflections and distortions that came from looking at what is hidden within. The one and only jug cover to be made by me. This was on a 1.25mm hook using fairies breath (or so it seemed as the yarn was so fine). Needless to say it took weeks to make.

As the party girl always has presents to open from her friends we have always given the other Bun a gift or two from us. I think it must be hard watching someone open present after present and get nothing when you're only little. I started making a little pocket sized embroidered dolly for little Bun. It has taken me four evenings to get this far with the hair and I still need to do the back. Such tiny tiny stitches on and on. Relaxing - yes. Speedy - No.

I was quite pleased with the face so far until I took this picture of the original design. I didn't bother photocopying it to make a transfer. I chose to draw it on the linen freehand and now I really wish I hadn't as I much prefer the original face. I've gone off mine, but too late to start all those stitches over again.

I took these photos on my patchy chair cover and took a couple of shots of some of the more unusual fabrics. For centuries fabric has been saved and re-worked into something else. Here it's a mix of children's flannelette bedding and more grown-up curtains.

There are some bits that are fraying again so I'd better get my needle out and start repairs.


  1. Oh Lisa, I hear you. Just deposited the small person at school, the other half is at work and after 10 days of the three of us being together, it seems strange. But did I mention "very nice strange" actually! I have so much to do, dishwasher not working so just washed loads of dishes, boring food shopping to do, lots of goodies to parcel and send out, washing and ironing, you know how it is. And all I want to do is play in my den and sew...
    Like you, no doubt I'll be gagging for 7pm bedtime (and in my case, my vodka and tonic)!
    Hen xxx
    P.S. Saw two patchworked armchairs in Cath K Winchester last week, absolutely fab but at £950 each they stayed in the shop!

  2. Good morning Mrs B,

    no quiet time here yet - F doesn't start until Monday so the girls are fighting at the table at the moment over pencils and colouring books while I try and have some time out!!

    Love the bunting, reflections and embroidery - you are very patient.

    Have a lovely peaceful day - I'm sure you'll get use to it and it's only five weeks until half term!!

    Nina x

  3. I love the little embroidered doll! Such a nice idea too. Look forward to saying hello at Woodbridge soon

  4. I love your dresser, the bunting looks just right with it.
    It is a strange feeling when school starts up again. It felt very quiet here...
    Good lucjk with the birthday plans.
    Isabelle x

  5. Such a lovely idea to make something for the littlest, and something she'll treasure forever, it's beautiful, something she'll pass on to her littlest in years to come. Yes, a family heirloom, lovely.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  6. Ahhh I love your little embroidery girl, she's so sweet. I love the idea of embroidering, but it's been sooo long since I did any and as you said it's really time consuming. I really fancied making a Breakfast at Tiffany's style eye mask - think maybe I should just pay the money!!! Hope to see you soon. Probably at the the Vintage Lover's Burnham Christmas show xx Claire

  7. The day before yesterday after dropping joshy off i decided to walk along the beach before going home, it was so quiet and sunny and would have been lovely but i really missed Joshy, his little hand swinging in mine, collecting shells, stopping at the park, although this morning its quite nice to have a coffee and blog in a quiet cottage!
    i love the doll you are making, im collecting fabric to start a hand pieced hexagon patchwork, my mum gave me two of my old baby dresses to use! hope you have a nice rest of the week! fliss xx


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