Monday, 28 September 2009

Pitches, Presents & a Pug

A pink and a blue stall fused together at Woodbridge Vintage & Contemporary Market on Saturday. We had a great day chatting, catching up with old friends, meeting people who we know through blogging world and a few pennies were brought home too.

I also met the venerable Victor (who didn't want his picture taken). The moment his owner mentioned his name I recalled seeing the pair of them in a magazine (Coast I think). That's how much of a star these darling Pugs are. His owner also told me about the Pug Club which meets once a year at stately homes around the country for a Puggy fun day. Sounds our kind of heaven.

Back to vintage, see that fabulous curtain that's being used as a cover, well that came home with me. Too difficult to look at those beautiful faded roses all day and not dream of the stitchy possibilities they offer.

I was also very lucky to come away with a couple of gifts. The always smiling Julie from Beach Bygones had a little something for me.

A salty fish to go with the peppery one. Now Mr Bun and I have one each.

The night before the fair we had a friend for a sleepover (as the Bun's call it - no matter the age of the guest). They wouldn't go to bed until she had arrived either. Now, not that I'm one to expect a gift for the pleasure of someone's company, but then I won't complain if they do offer me a fabulous blue enamel teapot to add to the Rayburn. Underneath is a trivet I made on Friday morning (when I should have been sorting the fair stock out - I know). I'm rather enjoying this patchy business.

I did buy a few other things aswell as the fabric. Craig and Tracey were outside under a striped awning selling their fabulous vintage clothes and fabrics. Tracey also makes floral brooches from vintage felt. The felt is softer and the colours have a completely different intensity to modern felt.

Lastly, a gift for each of the Bun's. I can never go away and not return with a little something. At present Eldest Bun is collecting dogs and Little Bun cats. This pair are so sweet and came from Adele's daughter.

At the end of a great day and a long drive I was glad to fall on the sofa and cuddle up with the Bun family. The next day, however, saw us up bright eyed and bushy tailed to go off on another adventure. But I think that can wait until tomorrow.


  1. 'Oh, oh, oh' what a wonderful day and such a beautiful array of goodies plus pennies to take home too - well done Mrs B.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  2. Ahh it sounds like a lovely day, I was sad to miss it. Always important to treat yourself too xxx Claire

  3. oh lisa, it all looks so lovely, one day i'll make it to a vintage fair. I think your blog is fast becoming my favourite, its always so inspiring. I love the buns pressies, i love finding little bits and bobs for joshy, he has a few vintage ladybird books and homemade toys!
    oh sorry to go on just wanted to say after all the bunting before, joshy was on the phone to his grandma talking about her birthday when he said, are you having bunting, you have to have bunting grandma! he he!!! he's getting there! fliss xx

  4. Your stall looks lovely, glad it was a success. Gorgeous brooch, just right for all those winter coats and cardis we'll have to be getting out soon. Love the trivet, I must do one of those, is it the pattern in Quilting in No Time? The rosebud/blue fabric is gorgeous. One of Donna's? I have a thing for rosebud fabric.
    Hen x

  5. I just picked up the exact same enamel teapot. How funny is that?

    Love the patchy trivet btw!

  6. The day looks lovely with some lovely vintage collectables too...If you would like to add some crochet vintage goodies to your stock please feel free to visit .

  7. Lots of very yummy colour going on there in that post. Loved the stalls they looked great. What a pretty brooch too, really lovely. And loved that rather yummy teapot too.


  8. Oh I am so jealous of your craft fair-ing life!!! It all just looks so higgeldy piggeldy beautiful. sigh!!!

  9. Everything looks gorgeous! Especially love the tea pot and your pretty trivet!
    rachel x

  10. It was a great day wasn't it with such a lively atmosphere and lots of beautiful things. Has eldest Bun seen Emma's post about her china dog collection?


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