Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Picture This

I took a picture of me today. When I went through our photos I realised I don't feature much. I'm always the one behind the lens with my lovely family doing whatever they're doing on the other side of it. I think a record of me is needed for the family album to prove I was actually there at that moment in time. The only thing is I look too serious as my eyes meet in the middle to try and see where the button is. Should have ignored vanity and put my glasses on.

Little Bun took this picture of her playdough pizza with blackbird nibbles for mumma's blog. She has asked me ever since to put her picture on here as she felt sure everyone would like to see it. It makes me laugh how much blogging has become an accepted part of their daily lives. I get my camera out and they ask is it for the blog (hide faces) or for us (show faces). They tell me what would be good to photograph and love being involved in it all. They even tell people how to find it on the web.

They also asked me to take this picture of my first ever attempt at chutney. I used the plums we picked and some of the apples from Little Bun's tree. I only covered one jar as it was fiddly and I lost patience in the end. We also popped the damsons we picked into two big bottles of gin with some cinammon sticks and sugar. We're shaking them daily and can't wait to bottle them up and maybe try a little bit as you need to make sure you've done these things right.


  1. Great picture, I haven't got one picture of me on my blog! I only have a couple as I hate having my picture taken... the normal... too fat, hair looks rubbish, ooohh I'm eating!! Maybe one day I'll find a nice one!
    It's great the children are getting involved in blogging, may be one day soon they'll have their own blog.
    I've started up a virtual knitting group for charity, pop over if you can :)

  2. That's a great picture. I don't have any of myself on the blog. I usually hate every picture of me. I was really worried about our Wedding photos as I thought I would hate them all but funnily enough I love them all. Maybe there's something about being a Bride that makes you photogenic for the day! Tell Little Bun the pizza looks delicious!

  3. Great picture. I daren't take a piccie of myself, as I don't photograph very well! It is funny how our children get involved with blogging. My 2 are always asking me to put their various artistic creations on my blog!

  4. I know what you mean I'm always taking photos for others and waiting for the "let me take one of you"!! Instead I've specialised in taking photos of myself! LOL!

    Victoria xx

  5. Lovely photo, aren't you pretty? Like many women, I hate having my photo taken these days, though back in the mid-70s I was often in front of a camera being photographed. Sadly, ageing and serious health issues haven't been kind to the figure or the fizzog so these days I steer clear of the front of the camera and am MUCH happier behind. And look better from that angle too....

  6. What a lovely post - thank you ! Have a great day...

  7. 'Oh I don't know' I think it's a wonderful picture - no bossed eye's there!

    Your far braver than me, I hate my picture being taken - it's only my children that are photogenic, I can't think where they get it from!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  8. Snap - I realised this summer when sorting pics out that there are rarely any of me because I'm the one behind the camera. Trying to rectify that now so there is proof in years to come that I existed!!

  9. Lovely playdough pizza little bun!!!

  10. Coming to your blog is like looking in some de ja vu like mirror!! I think you are entirely very good at singling things out that unite us all. I am forever the one taking and not in the photo's and I also have two miss's very forthcoming on their idea's for my blog, much of which is taking pictures of their handiwork which they are sure the world cannot live without!!!

  11. Ahhh nice to see you feature x. I love your blog, The Bun home is such an idyllic world.
    Thanks for your thought on dating the Deco Style tea & coffee set - it was ages ago, I'm obviously more of a blagger than a blogger at the moment!! Claire xxx

  12. Lovely photo of you honey. Where is that gorgeous dress/top you are wearing from? Fab ring too. See, separated at birth!


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