Sunday, 13 September 2009

Partied Out

Pink candy striped party bags were filled with goodies on Saturday. Only a few calm moments before Eldest Bun's 9th birthday party got into full swing and then it went by in a blur with Mr Bun and I racing around entertaining twelve girls. Such a blur that these are the only photos I managed to take. I'm afraid you'll have to believe me when I say the pink iced buns and marshmallows covered in chocolate and 100's and 1,000's looked and were delicious. The sun shone and they partied in full swing outside.

Then there was the brownie pile cake. Always a good idea when you really don't feel inspired for making another birthday cake and hey, as it's a brownie they're already cut up for wrapping and popping into party bags.

I can't believe how truly exhausted I've been this week. Once the party gifts were opened I laid back and thought - oh just for a moment - as I shut my eyes and slept for a full half hour. Only elderly ladies (and now you can add crumpled mummies to the list) do that in the afternoon. Quite a good ruse really though as I woke to a clean home and Bun's happily playing. Bliss. Must have twelve girls round more often.


  1. Oh, what a sweet party it must have been. My oldest's 11th is in October, so I'd better get to planning. She wants to plan most of the activities, so should be a breeze. :)

  2. I'm sure they had a fab time, the candy striped party bags were lovely. I hope you were lucky with the weather, it seems to have mainly been a sunny weekend, hooray!
    By the way, I'm with you on the tea, can't stand the stuff, coffee either. Teacups with me are for hot choc or the odd herbal tea only. Doesn't stop me making or collecting tea cosies though!
    Hen x

  3. Add me to the crumpled mummies pile though I like to tell people I was a cat in a previous life which is why I 'neeeeed' an afternoon nap!!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  4. Ahem.... only old ladies snooze for half an hour in the afternoon?????? How dare you, wait until you are... well, older ... and you will see how restorative a snooze is, whatever the age. Old ladies indeed! Now excuse me whilst I go polish my zimmer frame...x

  5. I think you deserved a rest after that! Children have a habit of turning us into crumpled mummies!

  6. Ah Ha! The "Brownie Pile" has also graced many a birthday table at "Antidote Heights"!
    Birthday love to your little girl x

  7. Happy belated birthday eldest Bun.
    Your brownie cakes look yummy. And yoru party sounded like lots of fun.
    I'm loving the pink candy striped bags.
    I must admit i think I'm getting towards the crumpled mummies club lol no afternoons naps just yet but i have been in bed before him in doors lol
    Lots of hugs from you hopeless swap partner hehe!
    Catherine x

  8. Hey I'm not a mummy but I love my afternoon naps...does that make me an old lady??? lol!
    Brownies look great :)

  9. I'm an occassionally snoozing afternoon crumpled mummy too! Also rather good at forgetting to snap away at the camera during birthdays on account of keeping the lemonade glasses topped up and chubby little chocolate-y fingers well and truly wiped!!!

  10. Is there any left for me?!

    Victoria xx

  11. Naughty Mrs Bun - fancy enjoying the party instead of taking pictures for us to enjoy on your blog instead! (although just the one of the party bags is making me smile plenty!) Lucky little buns! t.xx

  12. Gorgeous, I'm a sucker for old fashioned sweeties, tee hee, get a "sucker" looks beautiful, happy Birthday miss.Bun

    Love Sarah x

  13. can i join you in being a crumpled mummy and have a snooze on the sofa im exhausted! i love the pink stripy party bags, what a good idea! fliss xx

  14. Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...


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