Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Making Stuff & More Stuff

Like a child with homework due in yesterday I've finally pulled the proverbial finger out and started making and sorting out more vintage homeware stuff for the weekend fair. The cafe fabric from Donna cried out to be made into a bits and bobs purse. I wanted to make something for Bobo Bun from it, but also leave enough to make a cushion with pink pom pom edging.

I tried making one from an embroidered cloth and am so pleased with it I'll be making more (oh and one for me I think).

This pair have been waiting patiently since last night to be sewn up. Better finish them today too.

Crocheted flowery brooches are always so lovely to make as I hook round and round counting the stitches of each petal under my breath. I made a couple while I watched The Land Girls on iplayer and spotted more of Donna's fabric made up into some blouses. They looked fabulous.

Now for today's Wednesday booty bargains. Last week was so disappointing, but this week was a treasure trove of goodies. I am a complete addict to 30's china and so this badly in need of a wash and love jug came home with me.

My favourite lady was there again today. I bought this sewing basket which needs lining and a padded lid. Will I keep it or sell? Depends how much I fall in love with it I guess. Yet more embroidered cloths, some buttons and hankies. The hankies are immediately smuggled upstairs when the Buns see them and they become dolly blankets.

Was Christmas in the air today? I certainly gave in and bought a few seasonal bits and bobs. Since looking through the book I have decided to keep it as the Bun's will love it. Then there are the Edwardian Christmas cards all tied with coloured thread to hold the tissue insert in place, bought simply because.

The Quality Street tin made me smile and took me back to my childhood.

My favourite of all the embroidered cloths with a floral gravy boat.

Dippy egg for breakfast tomorrow I think. Despite having seen Hilda Hen swallow a mouse whole a couple of days ago (it was dead by the way) I think I could manage one. Not great for a vegetarian knowing mouse is part of the egg I might be eating. Yum.


  1. Oh I do love your posts, always colourful and filled with beautiful vintage and handmade things! The zippy bags look really lovely, especially with the little heart on the front. And I wish I could crochet because your brooches are fab! I really must learn one day XX

  2. a chicken swallowing a whole mouse - yikes!!!!
    ....sorry i had to get that out before i could say how lovely your purses are :)
    as a fellow veggie i would be wary of the mousey egg too!
    t x

  3. oh cripes i dont think i could eat the mousey eggs! mind you i don't like eggs much at the best of times! the lovely eggcups are a good incentive through - good luck x

  4. So many wonderful things today.

    I've only just started practising with my sewing machine... not ready for zips just yet!!!

    Victoria xx

  5. Aren't those purses great?! I've made some of those and I'm really pleased with them.

    You have used a lovely lot of fabrics for them.

    Gorgeous post with lots of lovelies. You have been busy!

  6. And I thought I had issues when my kids proudly reported the way our chickens slurp down crickets and millipedes! Good luck!

    Love everything . . . that first purse is especially fun.

  7. What great finds. I didn't think a hen would eat a dead mouse! I'll pass on the boiled egg thanks!

  8. Such a lovely post as always Mrs B and I love the fabric purses - I really must learn how to put a zip in!

    Have fun at the fair,

    Nina x

  9. Lovely colourful post as ever... inspiring like many others from crafting ladies. Not up to the zips either, but love the purses. And how come other people seem to have such interesting boot fairs and charity shops, when I don't? All I've ever seen at the boot fairs is a load of tat.

  10. What great things you always make! Please post pictures of your chickens!!!

  11. What lovely purses! love the materials. I remember those quality street tins from my childhood too.

    I am a new follower to your blog, just wanted to say what a lovely colourful one it is too.



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