Thursday, 10 September 2009

Catching Time

What a week so far. I feel as I've fitted a fortnight into four days and I feel exhausted already. Pheeeewww.

Summer feet have been replaced by these wintery ones which have to rush out of the door every morning. No more lazily lounging and planning what to do for the rest of the day for a while.

I got together with Teena this week to bash out more of the details of the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. Before we got our heads down to being worklike she gave me this gorgeous milky green bowl and some vintage Happy Families for my sale labels. She had actually given me this lovely bowl in the summer, but in my usual way I rushed home without it. I always forget something where ever I go.

I've also been dashing to the charity shops and the Wednesday car boot to re-stock. I have a fair at Woodbridge at the end of the month and then quite a few over Christmas. This will be the dead period when the world of carboot slumbers.

I found more coloured knitting needles with a pair of blue floral curtains. Not so very nice fabric, possibly flammable (soon to be tested), but such a lovely pattern and for 50p only.

Coloured glass is my favourite and always looks so pretty on my stall. I love a mix of colours that catch the sunlight and sparkle together. In the CS I was lucky enough to find two jugs in a clear blue green that is the best of all coloured glass colours. Today I found the pale pink fruit bowls and plates, along with a delicious minty green blanket. I'm still undecided whether to use it for a project or hot wash it and use it for winter snuggling. I'm erring towards the latter, it really is very lovely (and I forgot to take a picture so you'll just have to believe me).

I couldn't resist these birdie glasses from the car boot. I declined the matching jug as it was unpleasant. A word that some might use to describe the glasses. For me, however, they are cheeriness itself.

The extra tiring part of this week has been this lady. We had a few people booked in to to come and see her and so I was cleaning her and doing general stuff to get her running. All late at night after everything else had been done. Now she has impressed someone with her elderly charms and late last night vrroom vrrommed off into the darkness.

Then today we celebrated Alfie Blue's 3rd birthday. The Bun's handed him their homemade cards and his bone present which has been skittered over all the floors. My parents were here and it was a lovely sight to see so many mad people singing happy birthday to a much loved little dog.

Just a party to bake and prepare for and another one to attend the day after that. Phheewww.


  1. What great CS buys and I love the bird glasses. Yes, this week does feel like several all into one! I think it's all the school 'stuff' that makes it more stressful!

  2. Some beautiful things here, and I love the new school shoes as well! I especially like the glassware.

  3. I like the stash of coloured glass! I would have found it hard parting with a VW campervan...
    Alfie looks sweet, My Aunt Suzy used to have one but in a lighter colour.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  4. Such beautiful things - I love the coloured glass. Though I know how you feel on the 'pheeewwww' front. I feel like we are all topsy turvey at the moment with still three weeks of it to come!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

    ps. Happy Birthday to Mr Alfie xox

  5. How cute are the Happy Family cards.

    Victoria xx

  6. See you there! I'll be "manning" a stall there too!

  7. Oh Alfie Blue I love you!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all Down the Lane especially Mr.Boodle, who like a true chocolate Lab wants to know if there is any cake left! tee hee,

    Love Sarah x

  8. Hi Mrs Bun
    Happy birthday to Alfie, he is so cute. Loved the campervan too.
    Its nice to have peace and quiet in my household after 7 weeks of attitude from eldest!
    x Dom

  9. Awesome buys, I'm an avid collector of coloured knitting needles too. I'm awaiting a parcel from our ebay at the moment...full of coloured plastic cocktail forks!! Strange but true, x

  10. Now if I had known it was AB's birthday I'd have let him lick the stinky cheese! Sorry Alfie! t.x


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