Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blogging Nine Months On

On January 2nd of this year I started blogging and unbelievably I am now writing my 101st post (I know I missed the 100th yesterday with all the post birthday business). I have 72 wonderful followers and I am just short of having had 15,000 visitors so someone out there seems to be reading and following all of my waffle. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you are reading and enjoying as I love reading your comments and then being able to visit your blogs in return.

I had no idea how much fun all of this would be when I jumped in. It has served as an online journal; it's greatly improved my slapdash photography skills; I'm much more focused in my creativity as I feel someone out there is watching and will give me some really helpful feedback and lastly something that I never envisaged would happen from this blogging lark - I've made some great friends. One is a flesh and blood friend and the others for now are written word friends, but you never know one day on our travels.

Two days after writing my first post I set up my etsy shop. Well didn't she keep quiet about that one I hear you say. Exactly, because all I did was sign up and then left it there while I set up lots of other projects and enjoyed being a mummy. However, today, I have actually put some lovely things for sale in my etsy shop. So now it's a proper etsy shop that sells things not white space. Please pop over and have a look. I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Congrats on your 101st post!

    I'm off to check out your Etsy shop now.

    Victoria xx

  2. Congrats on your 101st post, you have some lovely little bits in your shoppie x

  3. 'Ooohhh' I like! I've just popped over and it's perfect.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

    ps. I forgot to say, congrats on the nine months and everything else

  4. Just echoing what everyone else has said... pretty things to buy, so good luck with it all.

  5. Congratulations on your 101st post, i love visiting your blog!
    I wish i did work in advertising or writing of some sort, I used to work in banking, how droll!!
    fliss xx

  6. Congratulations! I hope that you have enjoyed blogging as much as I have. I am so pleased to have make contact with so many interesting bloggers.
    Good luck with your shop.
    Isabelle x

  7. Wow, only nine months, I thought you had been going for ages!
    Love your blog x

  8. Cool, 101 posts that is an achievement, I think I am on about 30!
    I agree with all you said about another world of friendship opening up with lovely peeps!
    I have 40 followers which I marvel at every single day!

    Love Sarah x

    Off to look at shop goodies ;D

  9. Congratulations, it's fun isn't it??
    I'm just short of 1 year now, who would've thought! :)

  10. Just found your lovely blog, congratulations on your 101st post. Good luck with your Etsy shop, I set up my Etsy shop this year as well and have really enjoyed buying and selling on Etsy, people are so friendly.
    Ann x

  11. Isn't it amazing how time flies! Congrats on all your wonderful blogging, and all the friends you've made.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  12. Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

    It's all perfect !

    Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

  13. Wow so many in such a short time. Am only a month or two ahead of you but many posts behind! I thought you had been 'at it' for yonks!
    Good luck with the Etsy shop. Hope you let us know how you get on.

  14. Hi Lisa,
    I love reading your blog and you've become one of my bestest friends here in blogland. I hope one day we can meet up for coffee and cupcakes/buns.
    Loving the shop, was it easy to open? i've been meaning to do it for sometime now but never got the time lol you now how it goes lol
    Thanks for the lovely message about Molly, tomorrow is the big day. We got her a new shiny coat a couple sizes to big for her but hey it will last hehe!
    Have a fab Sunday honey.
    Your crapper swap friend lol
    Catherine x


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