Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another Year Gone By

Yesterday we celebrated Eldest Bun's 9th birthday and her last year in single figures. We had a fantastic day at one of our favourite places, an eccentric steam museum. We rode the trains, the gallopers and dodged on the 1950's dodgems. It's more than that though as it has magical gardens and the crowning glory - a Dad'd Army Museum. We played in all the Walmington on Sea shops which were laid out. Happy Birthday was sung from the stage in the church hall and the piano played badly. It makes us feel content and happy everytime we go in the knowledge that the British are a bit barmy really.

As Mr Bun has taken his first holiday of the summer over this weekend I had a break from blogging and didn't even take my camera out on the woodland walks and beach trips we went on.

So I'm back again for the last few days of the summer holidays and thought you might like to see a couple of the presents I made for Eldest Bun.

I filled the little make-up bag with silver, pink and orange nail varnish - plus some nail sparklies. She loves the bag and little Bun has ordered one too now.

Mr Chumley her chubby bear proved a great model for the beret. With Eldest Bun's blonde bob this just looks stunning on. I really enjoyed making this with the grape effect bobbles. I did finish the plummy coloured one, but the merino wool was too tight and it ended up a beenie hat. So next time I must remember to use a larger hook when playing about with different wools.

Sorry about the early morning bleached light in this picture, but you can see how great the teal is in the other ones.

Just to jolly it up even more I made a large crochet flower and turned it into a brooch so Eldest Bun can wear it off or on.

Now I'm making a few of these up for us all to share as different brooches. I've used a Debbie Bliss cotton which is more intense in colour and tougher when worked up than Rowan cotton. I might even get a moment to make a few more today as Little Bun is off to a friends and Eldest Bun has a friend coming here. So I'll only be needed as a meal maker today.


  1. Happy Birthday to eldest Bun! The presents you've made for her are gorgeous. I love the hat and it's a great idea to have the removable flower. Great colours too.

  2. Happy Birthday to Little Miss Eldest Bun!

    Earlier in the year we had a celebratory ninth birthday as well - 'oh' how they grow so fast!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  3. I love the hat... and the bear is so cuddly looking. Lucky girl having Bobo Bun for a mum. I wish I had a simple pattern for a straightforward flower like that, all mine seem to be fancy flowers...

  4. Happy 9th Birthday to Miss.Bun, what a lovely day you all had, sounds brill. Especially the Dad's Army part! Don't tell him your name Bun! Tee hee x

    I hope it is still OK for little Bun and I to be roomies? I will bring a selection of toys and I am willing to share for a small chocolate gratuity!

    Sarah x

  5. Sounds like a brilliant day, love the hat. Is that Dad's Army Bressingham? It's one of our favourite places. Do you go to the Dad's Army Day in May?

  6. WOW those berets are amazing!

    Victoria xx

  7. I love that beret, it is so adorable. Must do one for my little almost nine year old.
    Birthday love to your house x

  8. Happy 9th Birthday! My daughter was 9 a couple of weeks ago. I know exactly how you feel about it being the last single figure birthday. I thought the same. Love the berets, I wear them a lot in autumn and winter.
    Isabelle x

  9. aww happy birthday 9 year old boy xxx

  10. Hi Lisa, as usual I'm catching up on a whole heap of your lovely posts so...happy birthday to eldest bun! that Emerald green flower, your house is just like a bowl of gorgeous coloured ice cream...luuuuurvely.Thanks for the tour, Ive often wanted to peek further round the glimpses of corners. And the little baby chickies awwwww, i'm afraid I might have been naughty and picked them up if I was there, too much temptation by far. Love the patchwork too,really love that, ooh and the gorgeous cushion! mmm think that about covers it!!!! xx

  11. Happy belated Birthday to Miss Nine years old Bun :-)

    Love the beret, gorgeous and the little flowers are so pretty.

  12. What a happy birthday for Eldest Bun. Leave it to her mom to celebrate it in cozy style! My son, too, is 9, and I am a bit sad about the one-digit age thing, myself.

  13. Happy days to the Eldest Bun. That hat is great and the wee bag charming.


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