Friday, 7 August 2009

Tip Top Teepee

Ages ago in Sewing In No Time by Emma Hardy I saw a gorgeous teepee, one that was perfect for a Bun's base camp in the summer holidays. I'd found the perfect sheets in a few charity shops, but had a problem finding half a day to get on with making it.

Yesterday I cut out all 12m and that gave me the push I needed, because from then on I was hooked on this new project. The poles went into the ground just before two hungry Bun's grabbed their lunch and went off to explore.

Poor Alfie waited so patiently outside hoping he would be thrown the merest of morsels.

Feet were the only things he was being offered today. It's been lovely and peaceful around here ever since we had a teepee in the garden. I fancy one for the grown-ups too.

To answer a few questions as I think if little ones want one then they should have one. I used 12m. Half for outer and half for lining, plus a bit of ribbon. The pattern says to use dowling, but I used the pea sticks we already had as they were long enough. I think the whole thing cost about £3. Rather than make patterns I cut out one trianglular piece to use as a pattern.

Cut out x3 for outer and x3 for lining side panels. Triangle shape Bottom 128cm/50" - Height 159cm/62 1/2" -Top 8cm/3" wide.

Side panels x2 for outer and x2 for lining. Half triangle shape Bottom 67cm/26" - Height 159cm/62 1/2" - Top 5.5cm/2 1/2"

Sew 3 side panels together for both layers.
Sew front panels to both sides.
Press seams and then right sides together sew front panels 90cm/36" down from the top.

Put two pieces right sides together with lining on outside. It's really heavy from now on and feels like making the bed. Pin around bottom edges and around door opening. Sew all way around, BUT REALLY IMPORTANT leave a gap of 2.5cm/1" either side of side seams to make channel for rods.

Turn right side out.

Press and then machine sew 1.5cm/1/2" around top of outer and lining.

Now make channels for rods. Tack and then machine stitch a line from the bottom to the top of the tent 3cm/1.5" in from each seam to make four corner channels.

Hand stitch around top between channels to join two fabrics together.
Cut 50cm/20" of ribbon and sew 2" down from top in middle of back panel.

Cut for ribbons 30cm/12" length. Stitch two to bottom corners of door panel and then two to sides 55cm/21 1/2" from the bottom of the tent.

Push rods through channels. Tie ribbon a few times around the top to secure poles.

Push rods into the ground - lay out a blanket and then fill with children toys and wave goodbye to them for a bit of peace to get over all that sewing.

It took me about 5 hours to make.

Hopefully these instructions are clear enough without the pictures.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS - it's absolutely wonderful. I spent £80 (yes I know ridiculous) on a Teepee a couple of years ago and my girls just saw yours and are insisting I make one as is 'loads nicer'

    So did you sew it onto the rods in 'situ' ? It's perfect! Clever you!


  2. how fab is that i love it and what a good idea to use CS sheets as well....hmmm guess where i will be going today!! did you do channels for the rods ? are they just the long garden stakes ?
    and lots of sunshine to enjoy it !
    Lesley x

  3. Oooohhh I too have wanted to make one of these for the girls for ages, but like you all that fabric and sewing - and time!

    At the moment though they will have to make do with the butterfly net it've tied to a tree - mean mummy!

    Have a lovely one,

    Nina x

  4. Definitely well worth the hard work. It's nice for children to have a little adventurous place of their own. My children used to love it. I was never allowed to look in though, I just used to see a long arm appear through gap when I made a food delivery.

  5. Briliant - thank you so much for adding the instructions - I have no excuse now - I just have to!


  6. Hi Lisa,
    Oh my look what you have started now!, you can add my kids to the list of kids now looking for a wonderful teepee like yours! which I suspect will continue to grow as it is so nice! Lucky buns indeed you are putting me to shame!
    Thanks so much for the instructions though!

  7. We have something similar I made for the Mini Hook and Scumblers just before we went away, having said that, yours looks like it might go the distance as it's so beautifully lined.....mabe next time when I have more than an hour and half to complete mine I shall make more of an effort next looks beautiful !

  8. LOVE IT!! and it's lavender...what a perfect tee pee colour!
    Have a great wigwammy week, x

  9. Wow that looks brilliant, I love the one in the book, but I can't imagine sewing that much fabric! Love the sheets you've used too :) xxx

  10. sooooo cute! and cheap!I want one (for me!)

  11. Oh wowee wowee - tipeeee! I was just browsing your recent archive. This is absolutely wonderful. I want one so so much - for myself! How lovely to curl up in there with a great book and pyjamas. Ahhhh.


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