Monday, 3 August 2009

A Tale of Two Fairs

Just off the beaten track in Norfolk is a hidden gem of a village called Heydon. There is the most fabulous village hall there which was built as a first world war army hut. It was the perfect setting for a vintage fair. Scrubbed wooden floors, vaulted ceilings and a small wooden stage. Yesterday we gathered there for the second Little Vintage Lover fair. What fun I had. A fabulous setting, friends came to say hello, the Bun family had a wonderful time exploring and I was beside Teena and Tracy and Craig, what more could you ask for a great day out.

Here' s Zoe, who organises Little Vintage Lover with her sister, waiting to greet all the people who came.

Fi's stall minded by her lovely daughter Flo. She makes amongst other delights the most beautiful little girls dresses.

Zoe was a lovely new face at the fair who sat opposite my stall. When I finally went to look at the gorgeous stanley with his scarf he had been sold. Gggrr. Good for my purse though.

Teena and I shared tables and our wares complimented each others really well as we were told quite often throughout the day. Luckily we are drawn to quite different era's and colours so it was like a walk from the 30's to the 70's.

Just a brief back view of Tracy and Craig in action selling their stunning vintage dresses and fabrics.

It was the most perfect day.

At the first Little Vintage Lover fair Teena and I also had our stalls next to one another. In between the selling and the cake eating we filled in the gaps with a hefty dose of chat and it was very good chat indeed. You could say we hit it off from the start really. We had both had an idea that needed someone to share it with and now we knew we had found that person. We both wanted to bring makers markets to Norfolk. Vintage fairs are starting to take off, but there is nowhere as yet to showcase original and fun design which is created out of a real passion. Now there will be. We've called our joint venture Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets and have set the date for the first fair on Saturday 12 December.

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes to get us this far. Now we have the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market blog all up and running, stalls are filling up and there are still quite a few jobs to get done to say the least, but there's always time for chat and play.


  1. How did you get this post up so quick.... Im still busy sorting through my photos, wondering which to use. Teena has also managed to appear in quite a few so I guess I have to pixelate those one, as i was threatened when I produced the camera. Had a great day, thanks for being good company and customer.
    See you at Woodbridge..
    T & C

  2. My goodness - YAY! didn't we have a lovely time! I know I promised to post today too but the sun is shining and we're off to stroll by the river and take some air! Wonderful pictures- off to check Craig is suitably pixelated!! :-)xxx

  3. Glad you had a wonderful sucessful day and 'yeah' on the upcoming makers market.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  4. Ooohhh wonderful day! I live so far away, such a shame. Lovely building, I'm so glad it's been preserved, sometimes they get ripped down to make way for hideous new buildings without character. Tried to go to the link for your new making blog, but it said 'not found', thought you might like to know.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. oh it looks lovely, i wish i lived close enough to come, although I am quite short of funds right now so its probably a good thing!! he he, fliss xx

  6. Phew, I am exhausted today and still recovering. Had a great time in Heydon!

    Just been and had my roots done, today!!!!! Feel better now. My Nephew, George is on the first photo of this post. Looking forward to Holt.

  7. Hello, Mrs Bun! It was so nice to meet you on Sunday. I thought you and Teena had your stalls complimenting beautifully. Hope to meet up again very soon, I'll look out for you! Penny
    PS I've linked to your blog from my latest post.

  8. Oh Gosh it just looks like Heaven - I'm getting so jealous there isn't anything here. So I've decided to persuade sister in law to drive up with me from Surrey for yours - it sounds a MUST!!!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!


  9. Congratulations on setting up this fair. It will be a great time just before Christmas when everyone will be looking for original gifts. Wishing you every success.

  10. Looks like you had a great day surrounded by beautiful things. Such a lovely hall as well, looks like there were plenty of customers. Whoever got the Stanley dog was very lucky.

  11. I would have loved to have been there!
    Just found you via Teena's blog!

  12. I remember a Farmers Market where our handmade soap sat between the the fudge man and Lil the Lavender...good times!!
    Your stall looks wonderful, x

  13. Hey Mrs Bun,
    Fab catching up with you at the lovely Vintage Fair. Great photos. You're so good at this blog lark!! I had a sneaky peak at you workshop page too - nice things you clever devil. Hope to organise an inspiration, tea and cakes meet up soon xx Claire

  14. I WISH I could have come to the fair, it looks lovely.

    I'll try and come up to your christmas one. "tis a long old drive from Kent


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