Thursday, 27 August 2009

Some Scribbles

I've been making a few sketches lately and thought I might share them with you. I'm not sure how good they are really or original, but hey ho we all have to start somewhere.

The Bun's and I saw this really sad man crabbing on the bridge at Walberswick recently. I don't think he had caught anything that day. His image haunted me though and I felt driven to get it down on paper. It's been difficult coming up with the right title.

Mr Bun was hedge trimming at the weekend and irritatingly cut off a sideburn. Ever since he's been wearing a Turkish style bandage around his head. I'm sure I've seen something like this before.

How thoughtless, as we drove through the village we saw that someone had dumped a wagon and their horse in the village pond. I thought I'd better sketch this as evidence. Now I'm tempted to get the oils out and work on this further.

I hope you've enjoyed me sharing my little burst of recent creativity with you all.

Have a great August Bank Holiday weekend. Enjoy the weather x


  1. Oh dear! I do hope Mr Bun has recovered from the ear incident - I shall send him a bunch of sunflowers to help him recover! Disgraceful about the pond. I do feel that farmers should be more responsible - I mean just because it's harvest time anyone would think these hay carts even paid road tax! It all just makes you want to scream......xxxx

  2. Veru Constable-ish, that wagon in pond sketch, he did one exactly the same didn't he, though the building nearby was different of course. Not sure about the man on the bridge, that again reminded me of another famous painting, The Scream, which I don't like at all. Fortunately, Mr Bun seems to be unique, it doesn't remind me of another painting at all... but I expect you knew he was unique anyway!

  3. Your sketches are very clever! Poor Mr Bun.

  4. and you call me a loon.....haha. Now if on your next trip out the village clock melts and in the Post Office you bump into a lady with an inscrutable smile I reckon you'll have the full set!
    Have a great weekend, x

  5. The image of the Turkish bandage and the delightful cartoon has had me chortling all afternoon! Sorry MR.BUN no offence but it looks quite Van gochy as your beloved has depicted it! Tee hee

    Happy days, love Sarah x


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