Monday, 17 August 2009

Same View - Just Better

Going away for even the briefest of days makes coming home all the better. Mr Bun cut flowers from the garden to welcome us back from the sea. It was only a few days, but we all really missed one another. Home is best said Little Bun. She was desperate to get back to posh Molly cat her best friend.

As I walked in (ignoring unloading the car, the fairies will do that) my eyes wandered over some of my favourite things that I first see each time I return home. Stunning 1930's barkcloth draped over a pole, next to a large blue bauble. Somehow in the usual way of things I've never got round to making this into a proper blind. One day maybe I will unfold all 2m of it and use it for lots of other projects too.

Pale blue Sylko threads drawers filled with buttons, beads, photos and drawings. The sweetie shop cheeriness of the candy coloured needles and hooks and Caesar. Is he trying to get the Elf's attention or Noddy's? Not sure which, either way he's being ignored.

As my eye wanders to the mantlepiece I see more happy memories. The tiny gnome was a present from the Bun's after a day out with their grandparents. One of Mr Bun's treasured vintage baubles which remind him of childhood christmas's with parents who are sadly no longer here and small pictures of small people who are growing into bigger people.

Which means Eldest Bun is fast approaching 9 and so I'd better start thinking about presents. I've started making a couple of berets as being stylish is becoming quite important around here. I chose this gorgeous crocheted one and I'll make a detachable flower brooch (crocheted or a felt one I've yet to decide) for the side. I love how the bobbles grow to look like a grape vine.

Green cotton is for the start of autumn and then this soft Debbie Bliss cashmerino should see her through the winter months. Or so I thought until this evening. It looks really small. Oooppps. It sits on the top of my head like a crocheted crown. I'll ask Little Bun to keep a secret and try it on for size tomorrow.

Other things to get making for the birthday girl to go with her first watercolour set in its very own wooden box. I'll keep you posted of all makes and also the result of the is it or isn't it a teeny tiny beret. If it is I'll be unravelling and starting again on a bigger hook. Uuurrgghhh. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your lovely comments lately. I tried to visit some blogs to say hello back tonight and I got a strange google sorry message that meant I couldn't go visiting anywhere. So I'm here waving hello instead.


  1. Mrs B you're back - hello!!

    I love seeing little snippets of your home it is sooooo gorgeous.

    I too will write soon it is just manic here 'as always'!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

    ps. I had the weird google message the other night. I can't remember exactly what it said, but it wouldn't let me go to anyone with a blogger 'blog' even my own! Though by the morning it was fine again - very strange.

    N xx

  2. I like seeing home with fresh eyes after going away too. I always say to Hugo "I like our home", and he agrees! Love the bark cloth, looks designed to be like that, very lovely. And what a welcome home! Gorgeous Dahlias, Mr.Bun is spot on. Have just been enjoying the photos of you all on the beach, that beautiful beach.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Oh I know what you mean about coming home - the very best feeling. Bless your chap for cutting the flowers, what a lovely thought.

    Love all your treasures around your home with such nice memories attached.

    Hope your soon to be 9 year old loves the berets, they're gorgeous colours, she'll look fab in them.

  4. What wonderful photos, so cheerful and I love the look of those berets,

    Victoria x

  5. Some lovely happy spots you have there!
    Blogger is being a real pain at the moment, let's hope it sorts itself out soon!
    Beki xxx

    p.s your berets are looking great!

  6. Hello there!

    Isn't it quite delicious to re-discover things when we've been away? Things that seemed stale before our little holiday somehow seem brighter and exciting upon our return.

    Your blue bauble is divine, I love it!

    Julia xxx

    (ps, dont laugh, Ive started another crochet cushion cover! Ha!!)

  7. Your photos are gorgeous. That Beret is so sweet, what a lovely gift x

  8. You're home looks wonderfully welcoming full of pretty and inspirational colours. I can't imagine anyone ever feeling fed up. The berets and colours are spot on.

  9. Google has been acting v strangely recently, you are not alone. Love that vintage barkcloth, it's divine. I am right with you on seeing your house anew when you've been away for a while. It's almost like seeing it through someone else's eyes. In fact, I really look forward to it, though is does necessitate a hurried tidy up on departure to make sure it's all presentable on return!
    Hen x

  10. I don't think I could o away even for a day, if my home were that beautiful. Oh and that would make the most wonderful beret ever!


  11. I really love the flowers. we grow sun flowers in our back graden.
    From Emma


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