Monday, 10 August 2009

Printing instead of Packing

On Saturday we had the most marvellous ever day out. It was at a WWII US airbase for an event called Make Do and Mend. Period singers, 1940's Punch & Judy, dancing and spam sandwiches. Guess who forgot to charge the battery on their camera? I'm still annoyed with myself.

Tomorrow morning the Bun's, my mum and I are heading off for a few days seaside caravanning. As yet nothing is packed or sorted, but we've had a very enjoyable day. We went to one of the many market towns we have here, just over the border into Suffolk. At the small museum there was an artist led printing workshop and it was free.

We were met by the most lovely lady who gave the Buns pencils and clipboards and asked them to go and draw shapes from the museum they liked the most. These shapes would then be used for printing ideas.

Despite having lived here when the Buns were very small, I've never been inside this museum. There were some interesting local displays, but my eye was mostly drawn to the colourful and fun.

Outside again and we cut up yoga mats (fantastic therapy) in our chosen shapes and glued them to cardboard. Then the messy bit of rolling the ink and printing our pictures. We did lots and lots more which are now covering our kitchen table.

While the Buns wandered for another look round, I sat and enjoyed the view. The musuem is at the top of a hill, so the view is across the valley and out to the river beyond.

Now I'd better get my act together with the seaside packing and say goodbye. Speak to you all again in a weeks time.


  1. Ahhhh - that event sounds great!!! Have a wonderful time away - we'll miss you!


  2. Have a good holiday and we'll see you soon.

    Jo xx

  3. Looking forward to your holiday post when you get back.

  4. How's this for s small world... you enter my home county and I know your 'nice lady' I did my degree with her!

  5. hope you have a lovely holiday, its a shame about your camera for the 1940s day, fliss xx

  6. oh i forgot to say you'll definitely have to post some bunting and fairy light photos for mr joshy and belle, he is being really stubborn and manly with the bunting! he he!! fliss xx

  7. I'm in love with those spangly buckets! Have a lovely time! t.xx

  8. Hope you enjoy your seaside holiday...and that the sun shines!

  9. What 'great' fun Mrs B.

    Have a lovely holiday and we will have to catch up when you get back - it's been hectic here!

    take care and 'happy holidaying'

    Nina x

    ps. only in England - you are soooo right!

  10. Just been catching up Mrs B, what a lovely time you have been having and found time to organise a Christmas fair too! Enjoy your holiday, wishing you lots of sunshine xxx

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Hope you are having a really great holiday, sounds like you are all having fun. Also the package you sent me arrived today. My eldest Aisling has already raided my wool stash and is in her element! Thanks so much!

  12. Those prints are fantastic! What a great idea. Hope you're having a wonderful time on your holiday?
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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