Thursday, 6 August 2009

Heavenly Blue Skies

On Monday the sky looked like this. After all the fun and a bit of work of Little Vintage Lover, a serious not doing a lot day was called for.

We collected one of the Bun's friends and off we went to the sea at Southwold. The first time we've been since the holidays started, so it was a bit overdue. This is my view when I rolled my head to the right

and when I looked up I saw these knees and a lot more blue.

If I moved my knees to the left I could keep an eye on them all having tons of fun and I could also manage a nosy around too all without moving a muscle.

On the way home I stopped for some Dahlia's from my usual roadside stall. I filled four vases for 80p. Do you think it might be because they are so huge?


  1. ah sun...I remember that! It was a little bit sunny yesterday & today was forecasted to be like summer...however it's been overcast all day :(
    It looks like you had a great time, I could do with laying in the sun for a while :)

  2. Ah beach fun - we've been there most of the week with soaring temperatures and the bluest of skies. Now this is what the summer holidays are about.

    Nina x

  3. I haven't seen a sky like that for ages !
    I'm wondering if you are having a better summer than we are (I'm in Devon) up in Norfolk?

  4. Wow that Dahlia. Is it real?

  5. gorgeous blue photos, our sky has been quite sulky and grey for most of the week, we braved the beach but nearly blew away!! fliss xx

  6. Hi Mrs Bun
    That beach and blue sky looks so lovely, wish Brighton beach was like that!. Instead its mobbed . I think the closest place with sand is camber sands and west wittering. Going further Dorset. Love the floral bags enjoying the sun
    x Dom

  7. What a wounderfull blue sky.
    From Emma Sellearsd


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