Thursday, 27 August 2009

Grab and Run

Getting to the Wednesday morning carboot has been nearly impossible this summer. I'm having palpitations thinking of all those vintage goodies that I might be missing out on. Then dragging two Bun's around who mainly say over and over again mantra like 'how much longer? how much longer?' is beyond my patience levels.

This week though I decided they just had to lump it as I wanted to go. I tried a different approach this time. They had money to spend with the provisio - buy nothing over 50p. Then we ran in raid like with my head swivelling this way and that until something sparkled at me and off we raced across the field. They certainly enjoyed this version better. Within twenty minutes we had spent £5 and bagged some real goodies. All happy. Off we go then.

First great finds a box full of general junk and at the bottom all sorts of fabulous vintage children's bricks. There are quite a few of these still in the box.

I also decided to change my header when I took these pictures as it was time for a change and these bricks are just the thing along with the sign I have on my fair table.

Yet more china - but it glitters - so very delectable.

This made me giggle with all the toys lined up. Not sure what the message is here on a toffee tin though.

A very Ms Kidstonish brooch.

When I paid the man on the stall he went to wrap my china and threw this old towel aside from the box of newspapers. He looked at me as if I'd lost the plot when I asked how much he wanted for it.

Finally another tin. There's always room here for another tin and this one really cheers me with its bright flowers.

I've heard about a very big carboot this weekend. I'm itching to go. Somehow I think I might be the only Bun rising early around here.


  1. What a gorgeous selection of goodies you found, I love the brooch particularly.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi!!!

    Firstly - I love this post - it rang way too many bells with me - kids carboots - nervous disposition on not going to said carboot etc - why do my children always spend their 50p on flippin' old MacDonald freeby toys? Yuk!!!!
    Anyhoo I am miserable as I put my bag down (one of them)at carboot on Sunday and when I turned it had gone, along with my purse and all my money - but more importantly 2 absolutely to die for tins (a Tala one and a candy striped cake tin) that I'd bought for pittance!!! I miss my Dumpling Dynasty purse, but I am still dreaming of the tins that were taken from me. Husband just cannot understand it.

    Anyhoo - again - thank you for you comment on my last post - I'm afraid I didn't really word things well and I fully expect to get my wrists slapped repeatedly. I wasn;t sure whether "oh Fleur" was a "I'm going to knee cap you for thinking that way" or a " you are so sad I pity you" Oh Fleur. I do hope though that I didn't offend you horribly. I completely agree with everything you said - I think, perhaps, there are as many women on anti depressants now as there was then - which perhaps could be a statement about those that prescribe, doctors or women, I don't know? But I know you are right about individual choice - and I think from now on I'll chose not to write a blumin post like that again !


  3. My boys buy cuddly toys at car boot sales - I detest them I allow one or 2 so they get a bit twitchy when surrounded by loads!! Now the baby has conveniently developed a dust mite allergy they are a no no - how sad ;)
    My car boot attendance this season has been terrible - we have had a very busy year but I must make more effort. I never seem to find lovely treasures like yours though :)

  4. Fabulous finds and I love your approach with the children.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  5. Wonderful goodies you bought.. am quite envious...might help if I went to car boots I suppose, then I might find something carbootylicious.

  6. When I logged in this evening I thought Oo a new banner, so I noticed before you pointed it out! I love those picture bricks, so charming. Hope you did well at the next boot. Wish we had them up here.


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