Thursday, 20 August 2009

Flowers & Fun

Finally, finally - I have finished the flowery cushion. The self-control needed to finish stuff instead of racing off to make the next idea was huge. In Norfolk huge is pronounced HOOGE and that sums up how big a task it was to actually go back to something when my mind was wandering over to new colours and designs. I'm really pleased I did get it done though as it looks delicious sitting on our small sofa in a room that is part workroom, part playroom, part general dump it here on the way to somewhere else room.

I love the back so much with it's old many washed blanket that I have plans for more of these cushions with a bit of felty applique to jolly them up. I still haven't decided on how to secure it - hidden poppers or buttons with crocheted loops to tie. That means I haven't actually finished really doesn't it. Oh well never mind, it's there, it looks pretty and it's very very comfy to lie against.

After finishing the flowery cushion in the morning we headed off into another sweltering day to see friends at a free park fun day. It was a day of huge bugs, crafty fun with glitter and glue and generally having a great time playing.

We walked into the park from the bottom end by the boating lake. It's one of my favourite parks as it is a 1930's municipal one and has only recently been renovated. So quiet up this end today as all the noisy families are at the other end. It also reminds me of some of the parks I loved in Brighton as I strolled hugely pregnant with Mr Bun and dreamed of playing there with two little girls.

Away from the peaceful history and my daydreams of ladies in tea dresses strolling along arm in arm and bands playing to the families of yesteryear was a park filled with so much fun.

We took home rockets and glittery stars which are already flying above their beds. Another day to store for memory.


  1. Your cushion looks fabulous, you have every right to be so proud.

    Victoria x

  2. You and me 'both' today Mrs Bobo!!

    Lovely cushion,

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. OK, when you get bored of that gorgeous cushion then send it my way please 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  4. That is a beautiful and scrumptious cushion! well done you on the self control - I clearly have zero levels myself because I am now on with another cushion cover as I write - and now Ive seen yours, well, the creative juices are once again churning and my mind seems to be mysteriously thinking up colour schemes and when I can next get to the wool shop...!

    Clearly this crochet lark is a terrible disease.

    But so much fun! :)

    Love Julia xxx

  5. I love your fab cushion! I'll have it after Beki,please!!

  6. The cushion is lovely with those ice-cream colours. I can just imagine those 1930's scenes you are describing, what a lovely place. We ventured out to Southwold yesterday, we were very patient and drove round and round for 35 mins, the place was heaving. Then we drove round again, there just wasn't anywhere to stop the car so we had to leave. Never mind perhaps another day when the madness is over.

  7. That is one of the nicest crochet cushions I have seen in blogland, just lovely and very pretty colours, well done you! whats next?! X

  8. What a blissful post. Your crochet cushion has to be the loveliest I've seen. Those dear little central flowers!

    Lovely shots of little Bobo fun too. Days like that are invaluable.

  9. Well well well what a lovely view.
    I realy love your pretty cosin it has got all of my favort coulors on wow. I would lov it on my bed.
    Come and take a look at our blog Please
    From Emma

  10. I spellt cushion wrong sorry
    From Emma

  11. Beautiful cushion, so very pretty with the lovely combination of colours you have used.

  12. I love the cushion! its so pretty, im really bad at finishing, my husband calls me 'half-job Fliss!!' thanks for your message, it is hard saying what you mean, I feel awful for not saying how good your pattern was! I've popped a line on todays post and also I've given you an award too! (not because of the tent!!) hope you have a nice weekend, fliss xx

  13. Gorgeous cushion and that rocket and stars looks like a lot of fun too.

  14. Gorgeous cushion! It's fantastic to see my pattern used so beautifully. It really is beautiful, your cushion.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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