Saturday, 15 August 2009

Buns on the Beach

The Bun's and I are back from our seaside break and have one or two lovely pictures to share with you of beautiful North Norfolk. When we arrived at our holiday home we headed straight for the beach. It was low tide so we walked along the channel of muddy warm water searching for shells and wondered if we would ever reach the sea. I stopped for only a teeny tiny second to take in the vast sky and take in the view as razor and cockle shells were being put under my nose to examine.

We gave up trying to reach the sea in the end as it seemed to be getting further and further away and I didn't fancy risking it rushing in behind us.

After all the natural beauty of the coast, we dipped into a bit of brightly coloured seaside for the second day.

We found a funfair and rode the rollercoaster. Well a bit of a fib really as it was called the Sea Dragon and there seemed to be more under sixes on it than over. I shut my eyes though as I hate heights. We whizzed along on the gallopers and then the Bun's hopped on a couple of choppers to take to the air.

Just before taking a stroll along the promenade we chose a bag of sweets each to suck and munch. As usual the Bun's chose the grown up sweets and I went for the kiddies mix.

Little Bun loves looking to see what might be on the horizon.

The next day we went to a fantastic beach at Holme. We crossed the golf course and salt marshes to finally arrive at a wonderfully quiet and stunning beach. I much prefer having just one or two people about when I go to the beach and other than the bird watchers, a family or two

and the horses, we were in our own peaceful bit of heaven for the day.

The Bun's had a great time floating in the channels that came in from the sea and making moats for crabs they found.

After lunch we walked and collected some fabulous shells and now have four buckets filled to the brim.

Then suddenly, it was the last day. We drove further along to Brancaster and cut through yet another golf course to get to the sea. This one is cut off between the sea and the reed beds beyond at high tide.

It was so windy it was perfect kite flying weather.

Launching the kite ....

.... and finally getting it up in the air.

Finally time to bury mummys feet before heading back home and washing all the sand off.


  1. What a glorious time you had!
    Always a shame to leave but then always good to get back to your own bed.
    Beki xxx

  2. Hello Mrs B.

    Love, love, love all that wide open space - such fantastic pictures.

    Have a lurvely day,

    Nina x

  3. hello

    Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a great time. There is nothing like a holiday at the seaside.
    Have a great weekend.
    Isabelle x

  4. Ahhhh sigh - I feel as though I've had a lovely little break. Really enjoyed that post, thank you!


  5. That beautiful sky, those lovely horses, I can't believe you found an empty beach. Happy Days.

  6. Love your pictures of the gorgeous Norfolk coast...but I am biased, of course! Rebecca x

  7. Fabulous photos - We haven't seen blue sky like that for WEEKS!
    Have just read back a bit too and I love those leaping hares.

  8. ah, im with you with the 'kiddie sweets' - although I do quite enjoy sending my dad to get me sweets as he always manages to come back with the 'old man chocolate' (frys cream etc) and doesnt understand what I find so funny!


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