Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Bountiful Day

Wow - well I bet a shot of a red bucket filled with crab apples has seriously got your interest. This is where it all started yesterday. I got fed up with the darned things falling on our heads while we ate underneath the crab apple tree, so I pulled some off. There are still masses and I have no desire whatsoever to make jelly, so I'll put the bucket outside and hope someone takes them away.

After that the Bun's and I had a look at the greengages and we were so excited to find that we had got to them before the wasps this year.

The greengage tree was a Mother's day present from Woolies (so a tree of historical significance now too). It moved with us from our old house and seems to like it here too.

I planted it a few days before little Bun was born so they're the same age.

The other tree that is as old and moved with us is her apple tree. We planted that for little Bun when she was born. Eldest Bun has a beautiful Rose. For probably quite obvious reasons.

While we were picking the greengages our neighbour popped over with the smallest sweetest tomatoes. Starting to see chutney developing before our eyes I got the urge to go fruit picking. The nursery we go to is a slice of heaven for us, so a great afternoon is guaranteed. I love ramshackle places with animals running everywhere as do the Bun's. We all have a dream to live somewhere like the Darling Buds of May one day.

Before fruit picking I thought a mystery tour for a picnic venue would be just the thing. Picnic packed and off we went.

Once we drove past one of the many windmills that are dotted around the Norfolk Broads, the Bun's guessed where we were headed.

A ride on the chain ferry to picnic on the other side. We could eat here, but that's not as much fun is it.

While we sat on the embankment munching merrily we saw this fabulous yacht go by. The sails were full of wind so it whipped by at quite a speed. It reminded me of the boat GR-J sailed on the Broads on Sunday (if any of you caught that great rivers programme). My earliest years were spent messing about on the water as my dad had a boatyard on the Broads. My strongest memory is of the eccentric community who lived on houseboats there. I loved visiting them and having squash and cake with them while my parents worked at the yard.

For a moment we thought they might collide.

Picnic eaten and one return journey back to the car on the other side and off we go to find

The Bun's were thrilled that Mr Cottonslippers (their name for this elusive feather footed gent) was around. He dashed off each time I got the camera near him though.

Then we saw this sign and knew we were in for a treat. You never know where you might find them as there are so many places for them to hide.

This hen actually had fifteen chicks around her. I'm sure she must have been chicksitting.

So beautiful this lady.

That's only a few of the hens and chicks we saw as they were also amongst the bushes with us as we ate (picked I meant). Little Bun gave the game away completely as she was covered in purple juice with a big splodge on her cheek.

Look at all the jewels we came home with, plus the tomatoes from earlier. I've never paid to pick blackberries before, but they're so disappointing on our hedges at the moment and these were delicious. There are sloes though and with a spot of gin and a long wait I might try to rustle up something for those winter months ahead.

I really must say a big thankyou to all of you who are following my blog and who leave me such lovely comments. They are truly appreciated and mean that I keep finding loads more fantastic blogs to visit too. Even when I'm slow in getting round to say hello I do get there in the end. One of the newest blogs to me lately Maminka Girl had a great quote which I'll share with you.
'You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.' (Charles Buxton). Sums up a day really, constantly chasing my tail and trying to squeeze that little bit extra out of it before the sun goes down. See you in a day or two.


  1. My mum has been fruit picking the past week and last night I was able to enjoy blackberry and apple pie!

    Victoria xx

  2. ooh I recognise that ferry - I have a bit of a irrational fear of it though so avoid it!!!
    I took my 4 year old blackberry picking on friday and the pickings were slight - very small and not great either - will make a teensy bit of jam but mum's neighbour has a wild (neglected not intentional!!) garden with big fat berries, I have requested a bowlful when she visits at the weekend, so we get a pie!!
    Love the quote about time - very very true.

  3. 'Aaaahhhh' berry picking a favourite pastime here too.

    Love your walk and for sharing- those chicks are adorable and 'wow' Mummy Chick is 'very' gorgeous!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  4. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say how fabulous your blog is ! Really unusual and interesting posts and you have cool pictures too. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them.. best wishes...

  5. Your blog is really intersting to read and good luck with the apples.
    We have got a cooking apple tree and allso a eating apple tree. The apples we get of our trees are tasty.
    From Emma Sellears

  6. Oh and I so thought you were going to make jelly! Now, I'm confused, I get that big bun has her rose - now, explain to me about little bun and the greengage?! :-) t.xxx

  7. I love that red and white sign sending you in the direction of lots of interesting things, you certainly found them. I'm quite jealous of those lovely blackberries our vine is fairly new and produced about 6 this year. I'll have to find some somewhere, I feel a pie coming on.

  8. What a fabulous day - though I can't believe you've a crab apple tree and don't want to make jelly! Do sen some u here we love Crab Appple Jelly but don't have the crabs. Gorgeous chooks. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  9. I think I might just have to follow you.... love the blog, the photos, love the old ferry too, isn't it wonderful that they keep this going. My favouritest ferry is the one across Windermere though. So from a broad on one side of Norfolk to a broad on the other (apparently) thanks for a lovely read.


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