Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We're getting the hang of it now.

On Tuesday I thought it was absolutely wonderful to wake up to torrential rain and know we didn't have to leave the house all day. Freedom from having to be places is a big bonus of holidays, so is doing pretty much what you want. Little Bun stayed in her jammies all day and we ate and ate whatever we fancied. Breakfast was pancakes filled with lemon and sugar. While a choccly cake and lemon drizzle were baking in the oven we made some popcorn to eat with our film. I took the lid off a few times as it made the Buns jump and giggle every time the corn flew out at top speed.

While we watched our film I made up something I had thought of the night before. I was crocheting handles for a bag when I realised it might make a lovely bracelet. I made a few through the film and sewed vintage buttons on later.

I'm really pleased with how they've turned out and especially love the perspex buttons with their cut out patterns showing through.

The Buns loved helping with the button choosing part of the process. Buttons have a real allure don't they. Somehow they need to be arranged laid out and admired before being put away again until next time.

I usually only make a few of each new thing to see the response before I get carried away with colours. For now I have a couple of orders from two little girls, one in pink and one in purple.

Today has been a completely different day. A day of marching along activity. First we went to the car boot. Not that this was appreciated at all as a real treat with mummy. I only found a few things as I wasn't able to look in the same way. Really I only have this zingy floral tin to show you.

It has some buttony treasure hidden inside.

I also bought a few books that the Buns chose and a few more whimsies. I'm going to ask Mr Bun to stay at home next week so I can go on my own.

Just a hop, skip and short drive from the car boot is a Whitlingham Broad. We'd heard there was a treasure hunt, but it turned out it was actually orienteering. We had a great times searching for each of the markers - old shoes, spoons and rubber gloves hidden by the water; through the woods;

across the meadow ...

back to the water again ...

past the ruined entrance to a medieval hall and on to our prize and much needed icecream.

On the way home we drove past a Roman town we've never been to before so in we went. It looked exciting climbing up the steps to the top of the city wall.

When we got to the top I was a bit surprised to see the Romans had left and their town had turned into an enormous field full of sheep. So with a lot of imagination and just enjoying the walk with all the beautiful butterflies we set off and had a wonderful time.

Amazing when you think this is a bit of a 1700 year old wall, but somehow I couldn't get too excited about it. It was the lovely company and the sunshine that made the walk for me.

Tomorrow we're off to play with Teena and her beautiful boy. Oh I do like being on holiday.


  1. Love your bracelets! Rebecca x

  2. Mrs Bobo Bun, the bracelet is gorgeous!

    I love stay at home days when old films, popcorn and cake are involved - summer is good, but hibernation is better (for me anyway)

    take care and have a lovely day with Teena,

    Nina x

  3. What a wonderful post Mrs Bun, I love it.
    I especially love you bracelets they are amazing so simple but different x

  4. The bracelets are such a great idea and perfect for showing off fabulous button collections

    Victoria xx

  5. Great bracelet - especially the aqua one that is really pretty.

    It's my chaps last school day today so I've stocked the cupboards in readiness for picnics and a never ending appetite!

    I've banned my lot from car boot sales as I still have nightmares of the time my daughter decided to dash off just as I was grappling with a bag of vintage tablecloths - when I hauled her back to the stall someone had swipped the lot - bah!

    Happy holidays

  6. oooo we have a pj and dvd day planned for monday - this week has been a bit hectic so havent quite got into the lazy summer holiday mode just yet but i am working on it!!
    if you dont mind i may copy the crochet bracelet idea for the daughter :-)
    have a lovely day out
    Lesley x

  7. i love the bracelets they are so pretty, i love vintage buttons!
    felicity xx

  8. Oh honey! I love the idea that you were surprised the Romans left town - because of course it only happened the other day! Great to see you all - see you again next week! Yippee! And we'll have to drag you to Castle Acre before the hols are over - LOADS of fascinating old walls there - no monks, no Normans, only walls (just so you're not surprised again). (and the bracelets are beautiful! Even better in real life!)x

  9. Oooh happy days - proper Enid Blyton sort of days. Lovely bracelets and I think I can smell your cakes from here. Delicious!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I like your little bracelets, they look very delicate which is something I find difficult to achieve. I made something similar but very chunky with a matching necklace, they are also fun to make with Rag strips.

  11. OOOOH girl, you are singing my song....I lurrrrve buttons!
    Have a great week, x

  12. Hi Lisa,
    this is Surely the hardest giveaway you ever gave away!! I have just re sent you my address, but if you dont get it this time I will send it to you as a comment and you can delete it after you have got it! If you have comment approveal set to on I will just send it to you this way anyway, Looks Like you're all have a fun time!

  13. Lovely bracelets, what a brilliant idea. Sounds like you have had a lovely couple of days.

  14. Love buttons here too and it is something you just can't have too many of! Your bracelets are fab. Note to self .... again ... must learn to crochet!

  15. Lovely lovely lovely. Such gorgeous buttons and your tin is a treasure. Is adore that licture of the sailing boat. Beautiful x

  16. That would be picture, not licture, although those bracelets are so yummy I could eat them up x

  17. The crochet bracelets are gorgeous! Worthy of being in a 'crochet gifts' book, or some such publication. Really lovely. Love the tin you found! Love it!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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