Thursday, 2 July 2009

Small Sacrifices

Yesterday was an INSET day at the Bun's school, so teachers in and kids out. It was the first day of the County Show and so the schools usually close. We go every year and have a fabulous time, but this year I decided £50 was too much to pay. Being a Wednesday it was car boot day, but I didn't bother going as it's hard work dragging the buns around in the heat. I'm still wondering what treasures I missed, I not sulking honestly. I even missed my once monthly knitting group as we got home pretty late. A deep inward breath at all that has to be given up now and again when you're a mum. One day Mr Bun and I won't be playmates of choice for the Buns, they'll want to be with their friends, so I remind myself to cherish the times we have together. I promise myself I'll try not to be too sulky when I have no time alone over the seven week summer holiday as well.

Back to what actually happened yesterday then. No vintage today, it's one of our other passions and that's animals. We had a fantastic day out with Grandma at a place she used to take me when I was a little girl. Then it was a wildlife park, now it's called the Animal Ark. Other than that it felt as if it hadn't changed much from the 70's. I loved it for that and best of all, hardly anyone was there as they were at school or the Show.

While we ate our picnic this incredibly handsome fellow came over to visit.

To have him so close and really see the intensity of the colours he wears was fabulous. I took a photo of his tail as the gold glimmered so intensely, but I've only caught a fraction of what it really looked like. Later on we found a couple of tail feathers he had shed in a rabbits run, so I reached in and got those. Despite their beauty, now I have them in our home I'm thinking of high backed wicker chairs and maybe a few pampass grass in a pot. The bad taste that was so much of the 70's for me.

He really enjoyed eating some of Eldest Bun's sandwiches.

Then we popped in to walk with the goats (who all moved off when I took this - honest there was more than one). I had one hand permanently pushing of a Billy who really fancied the cool blues of my skirt. Every chance he got he was chewing away - until I told him off.

This Billy looks like the Wise old man of the lot with his immaculately shaped beard.

Then we went in for a spot of handling the animals. The lady showed us this two week old mouse who got huge aaahhh's from the Bun's. We were all alone so no sharing - fantastic. We held ferrets, who are irritating and stinky really; rats which were adorable (I know); a one eyed Guinea Pig; chicks and rabbits. Then I asked about the Bantam chicks. Bad move. They are ready for homing now. One hen was a Bluebell with feathered feet. Her slight lavender tinge made me name her Violet in my head. I'm hooked and I'm now wondering if the ladies would be nice to her and another friend if I brought them home too.

While I was still plotting and planning, the Bun's had raced off to see the pigs before a spot on the zip wire and then back to see Grandad. A wonderful day off in the middle of a busy week.


  1. What a lovely day out for you all. & what a lovely blog this is. I got here (I think) via Kitschens Pink though I've have seen your name pop up all over the place. Have enjoyed my long peruse through your adventures and buys and am very envious of your weekly boot. So wish we had one.Best wishes

  2. I love peacock feathers - they are so absolutely beautiful.

    Glad you had a nice day in the end,

    Nina x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. I have peacock feathers, they are supposed to be bad luck so a good job I'm not superstitious, and they don't look '70s (I don't think!) Think of them more in terms of Liberty's Arts and Crafts style...
    Hen x

  4. Thank you for nice message on my blog. You just beat me to the new one where I've said (briefly) that we are home again!

  5. Aww, what a sweet time you guys had. These times won't last forever will they :(

  6. What a lovely day out. I know what you mena about that sigh you have to do as a mum. For me it's weekly choir practice and Sunday evening service I often have to miss. 7.30pm with two little ones is an impossible time to make quite often. Hope you get back to doing the things for you soon, its important to have a breather.

    Great result with the Woods plates and the glass, I'm a huge admirer of Woods but only have a couple of plates and a few Beryl and Iris cups and saucers. They remind me so much of Sunday school and the village fete!

    Stunning peacocks and the mouse is adorable.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. The mouse! The little mouse! So sweeeet! I love anything tiny, cute and furry.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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