Sunday, 5 July 2009

Small pleaures on a Sunday

In their excitement to get to the tea party before all the best cakes had gone May forgot her knickers, Jemima lost a shoe and May - well May didn't even bother getting dressed. Milly Molly Mandy and Mabel are always dressed and ready to party. They all loved the tea set I found for them today at the Sunday carboot.

I last saw this gorgeous 1930's child's tea set in an antiques centre in Norwich for a lot more money. I didn't have enough with me at the time and how glad am I as here it was today for half the price as the dealer was having a clear out of stock.

Each piece has a snippet of a Nursery Rhyme on it. Little Miss Muffet is sitting on her tuffet;

Little Jack Horner pulling out the plum;

Tom the Pipers son with his stolen pig - naughty boy;

poor old Simple Simon and the King in his counting house.

Finally on the lid of the teapot is this sweet little dog which just adds to the delightfullness of it all.

Then I found a pretty floral pot,

two more books for the Bun's. Not sure about the children on the front though, they look a bit odd to me.

Ever since receiving these Mr Bun has been losing himself on a journey back to his roots. My favourite seller was there today too. So I picked up some vintage bias binding and some more beautiful embroidered cloths.

I also added this tiny glass vase to my bag, but by far my favourite find of all today has to be this little girl. I know she's a girl, but I'm not sure what sort of animal she is, just that she oozes happiness.

And finally for Nina I thought you'd like to see my version from Apples for Jam. It went through a few problems today as puds go. First I thought to hell with using the cake tin as I was in a rush to get it in the oven before going to the carboot. So I dolloped it on the paper pavlova style. When it was cooked it didn't want to come off the paper, so I hacked at it and thought ok I'll make a sort of Eton mess with it. I melted the chocolate too much so it was a stiff paste and it was far too bitter to taste. Solution, I chucked sugar all over the choc. Then I went to get the strawberries and it was at that moment I remembered taking them out of my bag to put the tea set in. So Nina - I've renamed this Tragic pudding as it took a lot of ups and downs to get this far. Funnily enough by eating around the chocolate it tasted pretty good. Mr Bun laughed when he saw me taking this picture and thought I'd finally lost the plot. But I knew that there are people out there who will understand completely.
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  1. I'd like a large portion of tragedy please! Looks just my kind of pudding! Teaset - well, for a rainy day that's mighty fine booty!! t.xx

  2. Tragedy looks delicious and the tea set is adorable, what a great find.
    Beki xxx

  3. Mrs Bobo Bun I think you've done a wonderful job and I like the name even better!

    I think I used milk chocolate (less bitter) but never the less it still looks tasty.

    I love the bootfair finds as well the tea set is adorable.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  4. Beautiful stuff, especially the tea set!I wouldn't mind a slice of tragedy,it looks fine to me!
    Rachel x

  5. Love the tea set, you took me back in time, i read both of the enid blyton books when i was young, in fact i read loads of them. x

  6. i love the tea set... it is just adorable xxxx
    Great findsx

  7. The May twins are my kind of girls!!! Nothing should get in the way of good cake... have a great week, x

  8. Ah.. the tea set is a wonderful thing to behold.. and I would be over the moon to find such a thing at our local booty...
    Must remember to put knickers on when invited out to tea!


  9. What a fantastic tea set and so lucky to get it half price!

    You must add your Enid Blyton books to my flickr group I've set up.

    Victoria xx

  10. Just been pulling up the broad beans, it's a bit hot, so a good excuse to come in and catch up. I love your new little china animal with the big eye's and have been trying to think what it might be. Could it be a chipmunk I wonder?

  11. Oh too cute for words! I'd love my cup of tea from set like that.

    What lovely finds
    (Mr Galliano's Circus - gosh that brings back memories)

    Your pud looks delicious. Plain old biscuits for us tonight, I'm not really skilled on the pod front!
    Have a super week.

  12. It's like opening a treasure chest looking at your blog! That little tea set really pulls at my heart strings! What a fab find. And I love the embroidered cloth with the Chinese lanterns on it.
    I feel like I've been gazing into the window of a lovely little shop, full of covetable things!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  13. I'm so happy that you were able to get the teaset! It was meant for you!

    Everything is awesome - the linens, the green vase, the little girl critter and, especially, the strawberries!

  14. hello Mrs Buns.. lovely, lovely teaset you got there.I just love your taste in kitsch and cute stuff. You made me laugh that May forgot her knickers to get to the best cakes!! (kind of thing I would do if there were cakes involved.. frilly pants will indeed slow you down!) x

  15. i loved your tea party with that fantastic childrens tea-set. i went to Malvern yesterday and was mooching in an antiques shop when i saw the exact same one!!! i didnt buy it, they wanted quite a bit for it.....


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