Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Pulled the Plug Again

When it's raining heavily and the electricity is being cut off in your village for a whole day it's usually best to go somewhere else. We chose a cosy comfort morning at the cinema. This weeks kids club choice was Escape to Witch Mountain. For the grand total of £5 (adults free) we saw a great film. It was wonderful edge of the seat thrills, and for nearly two hours I got a cuddle with both of my gorgeous girls.
When we came out it had finally stopped raining so we drove into the city to have a look at the Cathedral. Funnily enough on that side of the city there are some charity shops, haberdashers and an antiques centre to look at on the way in.
Norwich is a very old and interesting city. However much I explore it I am always fascinated by what I see.

The Bun's are getting old enough to actually want to look and hear the stories we tell them now, so I showed them three women from Norfolk who fought for causes they believed in.
After buying ribbons we passed Gurney Court where Elizabeth Fry and Harriet Martineau were born. Elizabeth Fry is noted as a prisoner reformer and Harriet Martineau was a writer as well as a campaigner for equality.

Just outside the gate to the Cathedral is a monument to Edith Cavell, a nurse who was executed in WWI, suspected of being a spy by the enemy.

When we got to the Cathedral we headed straight for the cloisters to have a charge around underneath angels, the green man and ecclesiastical folk.

After all this history we badly needed cake and a drink. Out we went jumping between the lines on the paving stones all the way to the cafe.

Then to make a really good day even better - as we walked past Oxfam we saw a lady unloading the most enormous box of ladybird's. We were in like a shot. There must have been tons as she said a man had already spent £50 the day before on them. We spent ages choosing ours and in the end settled for fifteen of them.


  1. Only 15?! You were very restrained! They look lovely! t.x

  2. Wow, well done on your Ladybird book haul,

    Victoria xx

  3. What a fabulous day out and those ladybird books, a great find honey.
    Well we both so need to have a new award named after us lol longest running swap ever! lol
    And now i'm moving next Tuesday, only up the road but more tme taken away and i really do have lots of lovely things here for you sweetie, it's just finishing off the hand made thing. But i will get it done, sometime this year hehe!
    Speak soon, email me for my new address honey.
    Lots of love,
    Catherine x

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day - and I had that ladybird book on the Brownies as a little girl - it was brilliant


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