Monday, 27 July 2009

Lots of Beady Eyes

Vanessa had mentioned a while ago that it would be lovely to see some more of the furries that live with us. They all felt a bit shy about appearing, but after a bit of cuddling and the promise of extra veg they gave in for a quick photo shoot. So here they are.
First to say hello is Aunty Flower. She was just Flower when she came to live with us, but ...

... that was before Bluebell gave us all a big surprise and became mummy to ...

... the not so little Dottie.

Then there are our two very sweet dwarf rabbits George and Lucy. They live alongside the Guinea Pigs and in the maisonette underneath Pixie. George as usual is sitting up and worrying where Lucy is. They don't like being apart, but I think it gives him a rest from her bossy nature.

Oh and yes, Alfie's tongue always sticks out (as it's a wee bit too long for him). Lucy was our first rabbit - an anniversary present for Mr Bun who had only ever had a tortoise as a child. There's George pushed behind her as usual.

Finally - here's Pixie, who used to have a friend called Blossom who's sadly not with us anymore. Until we find enough space for goats and a Donkey that's all of the furries introduced for now.


  1. Oh how I hate rabbits and guinea pigs - that's me - a marked woman in blogworld - small furry hater.
    I could get excited about a tortoise though. I like that they sleep a lot. My kind of pet.
    You know you have to find space for a donkey friend too. They get lonely if you only have one. Why oh why would you want a goat? Bad tempered, stubborn and daft... speaking as one who milked nearly 80 goats a day once upon a time... I don't think I'm biased...

  2. I just love guinea pigs and keep rather a few! We kept goats as well when I was young and I never found them bad tempered, stubborn or daft, quite the contrary. I think they are great fun, but then I love pretty much all animals. :-)

    So nice to meet yours.

  3. I love all your furries. give them all a cuddle from me.

    I would love a pug. They are adorable, floppy tongues and all!

  4. Guinea Pigs have such kind faces. I used to have quite a few when I was young. I had a pair of dungarees with a big pocket on the front, I used to pop in my Guinea Pig who used to peer over the top of the pocket and take him for a ride on my bike. I don't think the idea of Guinea pig poop in my pocket ever occurred to me, I certainly can't ever remember checking. Perhaps we better not think any further about that.

  5. I just read Teena's comment, and burst out laughing, hilarious! I personally am a huge fan of small furry things, and love all your gorgeous family members, they're adorable, especially Auntie Flower, love her name! Thanks for the reveal, love 'em!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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