Friday, 3 July 2009

Knitty Giveaway

Knitty Giveaway has now ended and the winner is Moe.

I decided when I got to 50 followers it would be a good time to do a giveaway. Some time ago a few of you commented that you wished you had a ladybird knitting book, so I knew that would be part of the giveaway. I've chosen the 1972 edition complete with a Blue Peter sticker so I guess it made it's way once into a fundraiser and now it's ready for another part of it's journey to, as yet, destination unknown. To go with the book I've included some vintage red knitting needles. They are 7.5mm (roughly 10.5 US size) from my needle guage. I've attached one of my little confectioners toadstools to add some cheer. Finally a Bobo Bun crochet and felt brooch with a button I've covered in some embroidered cloth.

There are quite a few of you out there now reading my ramblings and I would love to hear your news and views. So if you leave a comment I will be able to enter you into the giveaway high tech machine of a hat. You can choose to tell me why you love knitting or crochet, why ladybird books are so collectable or just say hello. It's up to you, it's just lovely to hear what you have to say.

I think it makes sense if we give this a week so everyone has a chance of entering don't you? I'll pop the names into the hat next Saturday to choose the new home for these bits and bobs.

Now I wanted to show you these three Woods Ware plates I found in the charity shop this morning along with these green glass salt and pepper holders. I love coloured glass and when it's as useful as this even better. I might use them to hold beads or other tinies. I paid more than they were priced for as the man wanted 30p for the holders and 20p for the plates. At the car boot fine, but I can't be as cut-throat in the charity shop. Anyway he'd made a mistake on his till and he needed to get it up to £1.50 so he could clear it again. The happiness of finding this took the edge of going into Tesco. I've avoided buying food all week, but the choices were getting quite grim so I had to give in and go. Now we not only have food, but I have Homes & Antiques to dip into while the Bun's have their swimming lesson tonight.
Wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. What a fantastic giveaway esp as I've just started knitting!! Please throw my name into the hat!

    Have a great weekend

    Victoria xx

  2. Mrs Bobo Bun - how generous of you!! Yes please, please, please!!

    I love ladybird books and grew up with them from story telling to cooking and making things and I am always on the look out for such books now for my children - though 1972 that was a really fantasical and special year (nothing to do with it being the I was born - of course!!)

    Knitting and crochet well lets just say I'm not that good at it - I'm more of a try hard, but at least I give it a go!

    Anyhoo, hope that answered your questions - sorry for the usual ramble.

    Have a lovely, lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  3. I learnt to crochet last year so maybe this is the year I (eventually) learn to knit so could you pop me into the hat please. Oh the nostalgia of those Blue Peter Bring& Buy sales.

    I've just been reading H&A - it's a great issue this month (love the stuff about lace)- due to being stuck in the magazine I haven't yet done the food shop for the weekend.

  4. What a lovely giveaway! Please include me in the hat! I love all things vintage and would love to get in line for these goodies, unfortunately I also have a 10 year old daughter looking over my shoulder who has just started knitting and crochet, So if I do win I will likely have to fight for it!! I love your blog,
    Moe xx

  5. what a lovely giveaway, please can I be entered in the draw?Louise

  6. What a lovely giveaway...I have 2 different editions of the ladybird crochet books which I love as they explain how to crochet so straightforwardly...useless at knitting myself but I have a little girl who is quite proficient thanks to her nana...more of a crochet person who has found it's therapeutic effects second to none !

  7. Oh how lovely to have so many followers (Though I'm not at all surprised) and to have such a lovely celebration of such. I love the ladybird books but don't actually have anyone to pass it on to not having small people. However I can only do knit and purl in squares or rectangles so maybe I need a little help. Bright red needles - Oh what fun, they would brighten a chilly autumn evenings knitting.
    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog it's very much appreciated.

  8. What a great give away, I've been looking for that book for a while now. I want to give it to my friends little girl. Love the knitting needles, please put my name in the hat.
    I always pay more in charity shops, I was behind a man the other day that asked for a discount & got it!!! Cheeky git! :)

  9. I began collecting ladybird books when I started home-educating my older son. He really enjoyed them. We still have them, but I never managed to find either a crochet or knitting book, so please I would love to enter your giveaway thank you.

    I've been knitting a crocheting since a child, although have only just picked it back up again this year.

    I braved Sainsburys and Tescos today and came away with three! magazines to read while on holiday, my Homes & Antiques mag having arrived a couple of days ago and been read already.

  10. That's a lovely collection you've put together.
    I remember those little books well. My favourite was always 'Shopping with Mother' from the days where if you needed a new pair of pink socks a lady behind the counter would bring a pair from a special draw, the drawer had a glass front so you could see but not touch. I would probably be wearing my pink crochet dress make by a customer of my grandparents, they owned a pet shop.
    Since then crochet has been my thing, I love how instant it is. Perhaps I should crochet a dress, now there's a thought!
    Happy days.

  11. ahhh.... the year i was born!
    lovely giveaway Mrs Bun and the toadstool is the icing on the cake :)
    also LOVED the pictures of the peacocks on your previous post - i would really like a pair but have heard that they are really noisy and may be a little put off by the strong winds we have here!
    have a wonderful weekend
    t x

  12. how exciting, I would love to be entered into the give away, Ladybird books were so much part of my seventies childhood and knitting is another part of my life so happiness all round! Am just off to enjoy all your past posts xx

  13. Aaaahh! This sounds great! Well firstly Ladybird books are so beautiful and I love to keep them when I find one of the older books. Then, knitting is something I like doing very much although I'm not really good at it and crochting is something I have to learn yet. And how about sending your giveaway to Germany becuase that's where I come from! Greetings and have a fine weekend! Claudia

  14. No problem sending to Germany Claudia. Good to hear from you.

    Lisa x

  15. Hello Lisa!
    I've just found you through Hen's blog..can I join in your lovely giveaway, please?
    I learnt to knit when I was a child, but actually I can do only scarves! (I can't compete with you and your readers...)
    Greeting from Italy! :)

  16. A huge big "PLEASE CAN I ENTER YOUR DRAW?" From sunny Guernsey.

    I am a new "Blogger" & Knitter so your lovely prize would be perfect.

    I have my fingers crossed xxxxx

  17. I love the green plate! I know exactly what you mean about haggling at Op shops, not the done thing in NZ either!
    Have a great week,x

  18. Your giveaway is truly scrumptious, please enter this eager reader, very much hoping she'll win!
    And I was just admiring the embroidered table cloth, can't keep my eyes off it, now I've done a post on table cloths, I'me noticing them a lot more.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  19. My whole childhood seems to open before my eyes when I look through a Ladybird book. The pictures evoke such vivid memories.
    I particularly love the Ladybird version of Cinderella, where she goes to the ball three times and wears three beautiful gowns.

  20. I knit and I crochet but I'm best at crochet. I also have a love of fabric and quilting. Please give me a chance at your giveaway!! Thanks!!


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