Friday, 10 July 2009

Feet, Finds & Flowers

On Monday the sale sandals were delivered to the Bun's delight. Eldest Bun has her usual favourite silver pair and Little Bun has a new style for the first time. She has fallen completely head over heels in love with her shiny patent lime green sandals - so much so that they have been the last thing she puts on before bed. When she had her first pair of purple crocs we had the same level of adoration. This brings back lovely memories for me. Of how eldest bun used to line up all the precious things from her day on her pillow. There would be stones, feathers a bit of ribbon and a sweet. Now she falls asleep with books, pencils and paper in a heap around her. I love that they know how to get pleasure from the simplest of things. Rather like their mother who has found lots of simple pleasure objects this week.
I'm sure you would like a peek now - so enough of the chat and off we go.
A trip to the Wednesday car boot was a rush this week to get round before the torrential rain hit. First I found this entertaining read from the 1930's. The cover is loose and ripped, but I still loved the picture on the front. I might frame it one day soon.

1964 editon of Woman magazine with some wonderful articles and adverts. The cake decoration book lured me with its tacky cover. Actually it's a pretty good cookbook with some fine ideas if you still want to make crinoline lady cakes. I must remember to show you some of the pictures as photography in the 60's doesn't get the taste buds going. More yuk than yum.

We're really enjoying reading the latest Enid offering as a break from The Faraway Tree. Merry Days behind it is in fabulous condition considering its age.

From the thoughtful inscription on the front leaf you can see it was a gift in 1913. I loved looking at all the illustrations that capture that period of time. There are children fishing for tiddlers in brooks and charmingly a little group off to drown a puppy. You'll be pleased to know the puppy gets the upperhand and pushes the boy in.

An idea for the next seven weeks perhaps. Tie the kids together and send them to the beach for a bracing run as a team of horses.

I thought this lady looked more Suffragette than countrywoman.

Do you remember these state of the art slates? I loved these when I was little, so I bought a few for the Bun's. They love them and have added them to the bedside pile of night time doings. The Union Jack ribbon wasn't found at the booty. I was finally sorting out some bags of things from my mum and this was hidden under some plastic bunting. I might just cut them up and sew onto some string for the garden.

Now for todays finds. I was meeting a lovely friend and her little boy for cake today and popped into the Cats Protection League first. Purpley floral duvet will be added to the pile for the teepee. I need 12m so I'm more than half way there now.

Always excited to find more candy coloured needles.

Rosa jug which I love, which begs the question why do we have so many jugs?

I also got a great blanket with stripes from the Big C shop. Once I've washed it I'll decide if it's for sewing projects of just beach and garden use. Can't get too precious over a 99p blanket though can you.
Finally on my way home I picked up these oh so gorgeous flowers which are giving me such pleasure every time I look at them.

That's my quick week catch up and tomorrow I'll be getting the Bun's to pick a name from the hat for a knitty giveaway winner. Just need to find the right hat for the job.


  1. ooooo what fun those magic slates were!

  2. Oh what great finds !!!!!
    I love them all and my goodness I remember those magic screens they were great fun.

  3. Bargains galore!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Ooooh, I loved the magic slates!
    Have a gret weekend
    Beki xxx

  5. My girls love those slates too! And the books are so pretty - I'll say it again Enid B. was an alien - she wrote way too much for one person.


  6. You're so lucky to go car booting on a Wednesday! Fingers crossed the rain holds off tomorrow morning for me to do my rounds.

    Victoria xx

  7. I recently had a count up for a Flickr group and discovered that there are over 100 jugs in this house- I have no idea how they got here... they breed I think... at night... I blame the fairies! t.x (sandals - yum!)

  8. Such scrumptious treasures and what a throw back in time to see the magic drawing slates! I love that, the memory of it has taken me to a faraway fabulous place secreted in forgotten-childhood-land...thank you for that, its made my day!

    Julia xxx


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